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  2. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    I've only dabbled in comp the last couple seasons but I am going to put some effort into it this next one. Highest rank 3335 (over 275 games) Current rank 2631 (over 33 games played) Mains: Zenyatta -> Tracer/Pharah -> Orisa/D.Va -> Hog/Mcree
  3. LoL - Patch 8.4

    You could see it as a big impact on champs with low mana pool in mid lane that like elixirs. Fizz/Ekko. But I think there are way better options imo. I believe Push has the right of it. I'll be trying mid builds today.
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  5. Intro-BlueRose

    well thanks for coming to MadCast let me show you the door... jk lol its not everyones cup of team
  6. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    I added you on BNet. I'm not particularly good but i do alright.
  7. Extra Crispy, please!

    They really switched up the voice from hots to SC or vice versa.
  8. Searching for a Team

    @BlueRose plays an ungodly amount of Monster Hunter World and i think maybe left 4 dead 2 in the past as well?
  9. Intro-BlueRose

    Don't hate me but I've never seen friends...
  10. LoL - Patch 8.4

  11. Intro-BlueRose

    if anything she plays too many dinosaur games. Jurrasic Park, Saurian, ARK, Dino Tycoon, Super Mario World.
  12. LoL - Patch 8.4

    It's funny that I don't think supports should be taking Biscuits in the first place. Futures Market is just insanely helpful on supports, since you are tied around your ADC for back times, not when you complete your items. Next, potion duration has to compete with 300 gold with boots. I don't use 3 or more potions every game, but I do buy boots every game... 20% duration on potions is also laughable. 5 potions and you have gotten a whole potion of value from it... I'm strongly considering switching to Domination for Zombie Ward and Ingenious Hunter. Lowering the cool down on Sweeper is huge, not to mention Locket, Redemption, Glory, Twin Shadows, etc.
  13. LoL - Patch 8.4

    I was looking at the rune changes as those seem a bit interesting. Re-balancing of some of the rune combos to give you more favorable stats and then the big change in the trees would be the stopwatch change. 6 minute cd from start of game up to a 10 minute cd? I dont know if this will actually effect dives like they hope it will but should be interesting to see how it plays out. I think we will see a lot less stopwatch starts for top lane and jungle or mid now though. the other one that stands out for me would be the replacement of celestial body with time warp tonic. This seems like one of those runes that will be under valued for a while then picked up as a fad then forgotten about when they nerf it. I'm thinking it will have a much bigger impact for supports more than any other role because coupled with biscuit delivery the early sustain will be pretty strong but other than that its only going to see use late game when everyone has items and is buying elixers for final pushes and such. IDK thats just my take on it. Epic will probably have better insight on how they will be used. As a last noteworthy change in my eyes..... the blast cone change. This alone i think will extend laning phase for a lane that already sees themself on an island for the first 12 minutes of the game. >.<
  14. Intro-BlueRose

    Agreed Maro. But every village needs one and we love you for being ours! Glad to have more members in the community. I am glad that the group is getting much bigger in a lot of other games and not just league. Means we have something to offer everyone. Welcome to the community and hope to see you around!
  15. Intro - Timahhhhhhh

    Welcome to the community. Feel free to add me IGN: Support Welfare. looking forward to seeing you in game and on Discord. BTW thursday night (tonight) we have an event called League of Learning at 8pm Central time. Hope to see you there. tons of fun and you will have the chance to meet a ton of our members.
  16. Hunt: Showdown

    This is now available on Steam Early Access. I'm currently downloading it.
  17. Intro-BlueRose

  18. Intro-BlueRose

    I'll consider that redeemed Welcome!
  19. Intro-BlueRose

  20. League of Learning 2-22-2018

    I'll be there! Can't wait to see everyone
  21. PUBG update

    So last night me and some friends get on PUBG after patch and to all of our shock it is actually way to more optimized then before the lag is very little due to the ping restrictions and the de synch is getting better and better and finally, they banned a crap ton more cheaters I recommend ya'll check it out!
  22. Intro-BlueRose

    so would you techinically be like Ross from friends? anyway's im an idiot but welcome and good luck i play WoW sometimes and Diablo on y xbox 1
  23. Skyrim Showdown

    Have you seen this game? Looks right along the lines of what you're doing.
  24. HotS Dojo 2-16-2018

    They are now-a-days.
  25. It is Tort

    Never heard of you
  26. Intro-BlueRose

    I do but If I listed all the games I play this post would be insanely long.
  27. HotS Dojo 2-16-2018

    are the HOTS Dojo held on Friday nights?
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