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  2. Cards Corner with Caster

  3. WE MADE IT!

    Hurrah! I subbed before your were affiliate. 8D I feel cool now. Congrats.
  4. WE MADE IT!

  5. Champion Roadmap: April 2018

    But Aatrox is the next rework... did you read the article Baal? 😜
  6. Introduction - Majorhoward

    Woo! Welcome!
  7. Intro: Kruhl

    Hi Kruhl! Welcome welcome. Hope to catch you in Discord sometime soon. I haven't played HotS since it was in beta, but I've been trying to get back into it, so maybe we will get a chance to play together soon. I am a n00b though, so... It could be a traumatic experience for all.
  8. Intro: Kruhl

    Every member older than 5 years here read this and was forced to reminisce for about 5 minutes about "how things were". Welcome dude, and let me know if you're interested in Full Membership.
  9. Community Cookbook?

    Please tell me why this is? You are missing out on the joys of making butter infused dishes.
  10. Tags Tag - Kruhl#11312. Hit me up for some Heroes of the Storm.
  11. Cards Corner with Caster

    Ill be posting more shortly hopefully
  12. Yesterday
  13. Champion Roadmap: April 2018

    Its coming right after Aatrox...
  14. Champion Roadmap: April 2018

    Oh totally! And the buff they gave him earlier this season just showed that he's either OP or awful (Shyvana is similar I think) because his only option is to run at you.
  15. Community Cookbook?

    I've never tried cooking, but nevertheless, I'm excited about the cookbook. Hopefully, I won't burn down the house :#
  16. PUBG Custom Game Access!

    pubg going on now!
  17. Intro: Kruhl

    Welcome! We have a lot of people that play HoTS and various other MMOs.
  18. Netflix!!!!

    Narcos definitely. It's a rendition of Pablo Escobar's life. Although it's like a documentary, the way it's portrayed is like thrilling and will make you surprised, especially if you don't know about Pablo Escobar's infamous reputation already.
  19. WE MADE IT!

  20. WE MADE IT!

    nice, congrats
  21. Deckard Cain - next HotS character

    Deckard Cain has always been a favorite of mine in the diablo games. Also being a support main its got me even more excited to try something new.
  22. Intro: Kruhl

    Greetings, MadCast. I saw your post on the HotS forums and wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself. My real name is Steve, I'm 36, married, a parent, but I've been a long time gamer. As I've gotten older (and busier) it's been tough to find a dedicated group that has any real longevity or who isn't over-ran with the Internet trolls. I've been a long time fan of MMOs and computer games in general and I've played the last 15 years with a core group that has dwindled in recent years to just a few remaining people. Recently, I've taken up HotS (I love it) and I've been looking for some other mature, easy going people to play with. I'm an an IT professional so computers are my life and I really like the fact that you put a lot of stock in forum activity - it reminds me a lot of old times (The good ol' days ) I play mostly in the evenings or sometimes during the day (when work is slow). I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and teaming up in the Nexus!
  23. WE MADE IT!

    Well guys, thanks for everyone who has supported us thus far, the stream has officially made it to affiliate which gives us a subscribe button and some other ways to make some money! Currently the stream is going to be using donations and subscription money to dump into our rocket league sunday tournaments to help grow it. The stream is not going to make a lot of money so if anyone has a twitch prime/amazon prime account and wants to use their free monthly sub on the channel we'd greatly appreciate it. You guys are the best and let's keep this train rolling!
  24. Deckard Cain - next HotS character

    I think I'm in love. I've said it before that Raynor is one of the better heroes in the game because he is incredibly responsive with his animations and coding. Cain is much the same.
  25. PUBG Custom Game Access!

    damnit wonton
  26. Madcast Streaming

    pure rocket powered success is more like it.
  27. Madcast Streaming

    Bumping this thread, I only need 3 more follows, and this will help out our rocket league tournaments and possibly the whole community immensely. gimme dem follows boiz and grills.
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