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  2. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    Holy fuck Chris thought as Stav pulled the scalpels out This asshole is gonna get himself killed. He readied the gun, kneeled and trained him scope on Mark as he backed off and drove away. "Hey Stav, let's not fuck around with the guy with a gazillion boneheads behind him. And lady, how many fucking traps are necessary in this yard? What are you trying to catch, a fucking elephant?"
  3. HoTS Tonight

    Anyone want to hots it up tonight?
  4. New Ark Server

    is this still active?
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  6. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Silwen watches as her companions surge forward into the fight, Cú especially trying his valiant best to overcome the odds. She elects to stay back for the moment, watching as the golemn lofts its’ stones towards them. The look on her face is one of indecision, for once, and she watches as the golemn seems to gain the advantage. Her companions volley between staying alive and hitting hard. After a few long moments, Silwen nods to herself, seemingly having reached a decision. “This isn’t exactly what I imagined, but sure, let’s go with it!” Silwen runs forward and lunges at the now weakened golemn. Her rapier blade glows as she takes her chance, grateful her compatriots are as strong as they are bold. She reaches the golemn as the glow of her blade peaks in color- a brilliant blue hue that almost vibrates. “Let’s see how you handle the cold, baby.” As her blade strikes, the golemn seems to freeze in place. It’s movements slow and the stone body turns a vibrant blue color as the blade leeches its’ magic into the golem. It almost seems like the fight is over... The golemn’s body begins to vibrate intsensely as if the magic of the blade is warring with the intentions of the construct. “Get down!” Silwen yells. She dives to the side as the golemns body begins to crumble unexpectedly. It breaks into hundreds of pieces, some of which hit Silwen in the arms and face. After this, the temple front is suddenly quiet. Silwen takes this moment of quiet celebration to just sit and enjoy the silence. Golemn is defeated! Armor is reduced by 1 due to freezing. And -6 Health after the attack. Silwen takes 2 DMG On mobile so no color formatting.
  7. Picking WoW back up

    I started in Zuldazar and am glad I did. That zone was huge but super cool. Especially having been a big BE fan during BC days and having just finished a tabletop campaign in Chult. Lots of parallels and nostalgia. Hmu in game if you want some questing company or whatever. Lots of changes! That's been another piece of why I've stayed away from some of the other xpacs (MoP and WoD were nonstarters for me). There was always so much "pre-launch homework" and then the race mentality turned me off. Hmu in game!
  8. MadCast Karaoke Night

    not a bad idea
  9. August 18th: Two Discord Channels and a TORGUE Explosion

    I'll be off work tomorrow due to stuff & things and should be able to play now, so hypuuuu!
  10. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    With a grin as broad and as brutal as the fierce northern seas, the newly reinvigorated Cú runs headlong for the charging golem, intent on not having to listen to the bloody righteous priest's whinging and lecturing after the fight. Reaching it, Cú swings at the exposed weak spot with all of his brutal strength Flawlessly finding the weak spot, Cú bears in and makes his strike WEAK SPOT HIT, SIX DAMAGE, -ARMOUR = FIVE, GOLEM HAS SIX HEALTH LEFT. Take that you big bag of blundering boulders!
  11. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    (OOC: Voshay asked me to roll for him as he is on mobile) The Golems attack comes in hard Bones crack and Neulratol falls down dazed. He takes the hit well though. Half damage (Neulratol HP = 17)
  12. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    Mark rears back on his bike and guns the throttle, getting away from you. “I won’t forget this Stav. You better fucking believe it!” He hits the throttle again and joins his gang, and they peel out heading for the edge of town at high speed. What do you do?
  13. August 18th: Two Discord Channels and a TORGUE Explosion

    This is tomorrow!
  14. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    In seeing the monster preparing to charge I brace for impact. "This is really going to hurt but now is the best time for you to attack. He is going for me." I curl up tight and get ready for the inevitable blow coming my way. (damage done reduced by half)
  15. MadCast Karaoke Night

    I may lurk, theme suggestions could be 80s or 90s?
  16. Cards against Humanity?

    I'll do my best to be there as long as I'm home, hopefully I don't forget x.x
  17. Monster Hunter: World

    Weapon of Choice: Hunting Horn Last Kill: Nergigante How is everyone else doing?
  18. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    Stav whispers to Mark: “You idiot. What do you thinks gonna happen after you talk to me like that in front of my people in my town?” He then intentionally speaks loud enough for the wagon to hear. “How bout this Mark? How about fuck you? Town’s closed to you fucking scum slavers.” Two scalpels flash into Stav’s hands. “I will gut you like a fucking pig you show your face here again.” Stav:2D6+2 → 9(5 +2 + 2)#Go Aggro on Mark Hope you aren’t as fucking dumb as you look Mark. Stav braces for the worst as he hears more motorcycles in the distance.
  19. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    The Gang: Mark finishes brushing himself off, and eyes Eliza for a moment before facing Stav and his men. His lip curls. "We've done business for a while here, Stav. Even before this bitchy black thumb rolled in. Gonna be doing business here after you both are gone too." The sounds of approaching motorcycles stretch down the road. Mark gingerly walks over to his bike and steps over it. "I'm fucking done with you two. Maybe in a week, or a month, I'll feel different. But today..." He spits on the ground. "Go fuck yourselves." He revs the motorcycle and then pulls out to join the score or more motorcycles that just came around the bend. What do you do?
  20. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    The boulder slung at Thorin strikes true, and he finds his instrument crushed beneath it, as well as his body. Benito calls for Thorin to duck, but alas it is too late. VoShay:1D10+1 → 5(4 + 1) The golem turns on Neulratol, and seems to shudder with rage. Out of boulders to toss, it charges at Neulratol. The massive stone construct bears down on him, but the opening remains for someone to strike... What do you do? [OOC: It's effective armor is 1 when attacking that opening in melee.]
  21. League of Learning 8-16-2018

    Sorry I had to dip early last night. My daughter's teething kicked in around 10:30.
  22. Picking WoW back up

    I just logged in for the 2nd time since Xpac launched I am 111. So far I am enjoying. So many changes though since I last played in February.
  23. Picking WoW back up

    Nice, glad to see you're enjoying your return. You're actually ahead of me, I've barely had any time to play between work and everything else. I hit 116 last night, and i'm averaging about 100 minutes per level lol.
  24. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    Yesterday: Treats me like a fucking child! Stav clamps down on his anger. “How many survive Harper? One in ten? One in twenty? You ever stop and wonder whether such an unmerciful god deserves your worship? Maybe you should.” He sighs and sits down, ignoring her dismissal as anger washes out of him. No matter their differences, her presence always calms him somehow. “The boy deserves no punishment. I’ll send a few people to check on the father. If the father passes, you would take the child on as a ward?” Stav watches Harper carefully as she shifts her weight, and insight comes to him unbidden from ... somewhere. Stav:2D6+1 → 12(6 +5 + 1)#Read Harper [What does your character intend to do? What does your character wish I’d do? How could I get your character to end the God’s Trial? I think Harper must answer truthfully if I’m reading the move correctly.]
  25. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "MY LEG!" Screams Benito as he lays pinned under the rock. He looks to his left and see's Cu getting up after getting knocked into the wall. He looks to the right and sees his friends, and the cleric, preparing to receive another volley of rocks from the Golem. I have to do something. Maybe if I can get a little bit of leverage... no that won't work. Benito takes another survey of his surroundings and watches the Golem carefully. @MadCast: VoShay: What is about to happen? +1 Forward when acting on the answers. "Lookout! Duck! Look there under the left armpit, a opening!"
  26. LoL 8.16 Patch Notes

    Tanks got a indirect buff due to Trundle nerfs. So one less troll stealing your stats.
  27. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    Eliza watched Stav's wagon unload. Tall Stav-goon, meaty asshole Stav-goon, stab-happy Stav-goon. There were others chattering in the back of the wagon. If Precious was hooked to the back of the wagon, Wheeler must be one. Unless he was dead. Eliza hoped he wasn't dead. Wheeler usually brought her interesting trinkets and useful things, sometimes information. She needed to ask him if he'd seen any old irrigation rigs while out driving. To her dismay, Stav walked straight through the open gate and plunged forward into the pit trap next to a pile of stripped bicycle frames. Served him right. Hold-folk knew better than to come into the yard. “For fuck’s sake, Eliza. Is this really necessary?” To her left, Mark muttered his agreement. Yes, she thought. Little clouds of dust puffed out of Stav's jacket and left chalky smears as he brushed himself down and adjusted his belt. Carefully he limped forward, pausing each step to survey the ground in front of him and favor his left foot. Behind him, someone Eliza did not recognize emerged from the wagon. Big gun Stav-goon. Unbelievably, he marched into the yard after Stav. Stupid Stav-goon, then. She wondered which trap he would end up in. At this point, she just wanted to clear everyone out of the yard before the Mauraders made an appearance and it turned into a gun fight in the dark. The sun was already hovering over the horizon line and the cicadas were buzzing their low, irritating song. Mark hit the ground like a sack of cement mix, and her eyes snapped back to watch him. "Are you ok, Eliza?" Eliza grunted noncommittally. Who was Stav putting on a show for? Of course she was fine. Wasn't her who fell in a trap. She eased backward as Mark lurched to his knees and half tripped over the ladder, woozy and blinded by the blood rushing from his head. She wanted to see if Stupid Stav-goon had encountered one of her traps yet, but Mark was the immediate threat. She did not take her eyes off him.
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