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  3. what is your favorite role for overwatch

    Tank or healer mostly
  4. Tis the Season!

    Eagles family here!
  5. I Built an Arcade

    Wow this is super cool!!!
  6. Things to Watch On Hulu

    Been obsessed with good doctor lately. Defenetly recomend
  7. BIG NEWS!!!!!!

    Hope all is well. Text me if you need anything!
  8. Oklahoma meetup??

    Oh me!!!! Just let me know when!
  9. Continued Film Drinking Games

    Im new around here but this is definitely something i could get being 😲
  10. Intro BluuHD

    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone hope to see you all on discord!
  11. Re-Intro: AWhite

    Welcome back and thank you for your service! I mainly play League of Legends but there are some community games like Two Rooms & A Boom that I love joining as well. I look forward to chatting with you on the server 😺
  12. Re-Intro: AWhite

    MadCast, it has been too long! (my old intro for nostalgia) For all the new members out there my name is Anthony White and I was a member in MadCast in 2013. I originally found MadCast through GuildWars 2, by way of MadCast Red Justice. Shortly after, I found myself playing a little bit of everything within the community and getting to meet a lot of great people during the process. I was a Private on active duty during my peek activity within MadCast. 5 years later, I am now a 25 Year old Sergeant (pinning Staff Sergeant in Jan) looking to find my way back to PC Gaming. After a long detour to progress my career, I am eager to jump back into an active community and see how many of the MadCast OG's are still around. I currently don't play anything consistently, but looking to get on board with what is actively being played within MadCast. I am looking forward to reconnecting with everyone and meeting tons of new people. Drop down below what you play most often and I just may come and join you! Thank you and ill be seeing you all around the Forums! Steam:(
  13. Coming back to Desinty 2

    Silver is used to buy stuff from the Eververse lady. She's to the right of the Postmaster. All of it is primarily cosmetic stuff. However there are some boxes there that can give you items and those items will be based on your current power level.
  14. Last week
  15. League of Learning Feedback

    I would agree that we spend a lot of time talking about every lane. I feel like unless we are focusing on laning, or unless someone wants to explicitly comment about how someone did something maybe incorrect in the lane, a lot of the time the commentary from everyone is like 'eh we farmed the lane and that's everything' or 'I died to that gank when I should obviously have had that warded or played safer.' or 'I died a lot when I should have played safer'. Maybe this only applies to the higher ELO group, but I can't think of many times where going top to bottom has really had some insightful feedback that couldn't be covered really quickly. I can generally call out the important decisions. I think talking about the macro play and decision making is much more important and helpful than talking about laning mechanics. It can be good to quickly talk about who won lane and why (was it matchup, jungle ganks, mechanical mis/outplays etc?), but a single sentence from each player can generally cover most laning phases such as 'I won lane because Zac ganked my lane 6 times.' 'Yeah, I didn't ward deep enough.' I would agree that a text channel to talk about things while people are talking, allowing the discussion to go on tangents would maybe help speed up analysis, instead of waiting to go on tangents. I do think that a mic should be required to participate in League of Learning, it's a pretty huge disadvantage to not have the instant communication you would want. I do know that @MadCast: Support Welfare was talking about maybe trying to do something involving replay analysis for a much more indepth look at the game at a separate time, but I did have my reservations about it (replay analysis is not a quick activity, and it's hard to get everyone to commit to another time). I wouldn't mind looking at replays, but my analysis would likely be in the form of a post rather than anything else.) That said, it could allow us to play the games with more minimal postgame discussion if we knew that there would be additional analysis done later.
  16. Continued Film Drinking Games

    Like I said lad, i manged to drop a meeting, which means I can do it, I once again apologize, I was thinking somewhere around 8:30-9:00 EST.
  17. Continued Film Drinking Games

    Oof that is short notice. I'll try to be there though. At what time exactly?
  18. Continued Film Drinking Games

    Well, people would tend to prefer this event on a Friday or a Saturday night, time to recover and all, for the weaker among us. Speaking of which, if anyone is interested, I know this is short notice, but I've managed to get myself free tonight if anyone is game for a good time with films and alcohol.
  19. Coming back to Desinty 2

    The other question I have is what the silver is used for. I have 1000(I think that was from the digitial deluxe edition I bought).
  20. Coming back to Desinty 2

    Thank you so Much @MadCast: The Prince I have free time this weekend and am looking to get as much done as possible and get leveled.
  21. Cooking on a budget

    Oh man, I can do crock-pot recipes on a budget, I just put this doc together, ignore some of the formatting, as the recipes have come from different origin documents.
  22. Coming back to Desinty 2

    Yup. That's the right of it. Curse of Osiris>Warmind>Forsaken. There are a bunch of side quests (adventures) but you can come back to them if you aren't super invested in the lore. The blue ones are story quests. You'll need to do some of them to advance further in the game so I'd suggest doing them ASAP. Adventures are certainly worth doing for the story tie ins, but you can do them when you want. You'll have some of them as heroic adventures later in the game which you'll do for daily quests so you can wait or do them immediately for the exp and decent rewards based on your level. My recommendation would be just to finish out all the story content and then do strikes. You can get decent rewards from them, but at your level you'll quickly replace them. This actually ties into another question you had... So those globes technically aren't planets. They are for different activities that are available. Vanguard is a playlist for Strikes and the Nightfall Strike (basically extra hard mode strikes). Gambit is a PvE/PvP mode. This post gives a good breakdown of how it plays out. The Crucible one is your PvP modes. There is Quickplay (team PvP playlist), Rumble (every man for himself deathmatch), Competitive (ranked PvP), and right now there is also Iron Banner (PvP where powerlevel matters only available once a month for a week). Honestly, you don't have to wait to do these. If you get bored of doing something else and you want a change of pace you can certainly hop into any of them for a break.
  23. Magic The Gathering Arena

    Oh man you have no idea. I ran into some guy that thought he was going to make people rage quit because he used a blue wall replication deck. He would get a 0/5 wall out maybe 2 then put a card in play that would duplicate a card. He never had any damaging cards just walls till the end of time. I'm sitting here like what the hell? Ok cute. . . . Got my vamps with life link out and the vamp card that deals damage directly to the player whenever a vampire attacks. He ended up with 10 0/5 walls out and died with me at 40+ hp because of the lifelink. That was such a satisfying game.
  24. Coming back to Desinty 2

    So I purchased the Forsaken pack and am slowly delving back into Destiny 2. I haven't played since a month or so after launch so I am a little behind. After about 24 hours of playing I have a few questions regarding what's going on right now. I am level 20 and looking to get the content done in order. I have started with the Osris quest line, is Warming after that? And then I move into the Forsaken stuff? Some of the planets have things called strikes, that says the recommended is 200 power. I am at 300 power so am well past that. Should I be doing those? Will I get decent rewards I can sue from them? Also, some of the planets have blue quest markers that look like banners? Are those like side quests or are they part of the main story? Should I be doing those while leveling or wait until max level or not at all? On those same planets there are events and adventures should I be doing those? And lastly, the three "planets" in the middle bottom of the map, Vangaurd; Gambit; and Crucible? Is that something I do now or at max level and what are each one of them for? Thanks for any guidance you guys have as I am feeling a little lost right now. And I look forward to playing with some of you as I level up.
  25. Magic The Gathering Arena

    I'll focus on daily quests for now. As peer @MadCast: Support Welfare W/B lifelink deck I must say you are a monster Sir.
  26. League of Learning Feedback

    Hey all, So I've decided to opt out of League of Learning lately because I've felt that it was too much of a time sink for how much game time we actually would get in. I often felt like my entire evening would get eaten up on only 2 games (both of which would often last less than 30 mins). I think all this excess time is being unnecessarily spent in between games. I think if we were to fix this, we would have to streamline not only the process of getting into game but also the post-match feedback and discussion event. I often feel like we can spend about 15-20 mins trying to get into game (with many dodges due to champion pick mistakes), and up to 30 mins discussing stuff after a game, even when most members have not a whole lot to say. In addition, I often feel like (at least in the higher elo games) there's a lot less learning, and a lot more *pointing out mistakes that people are already aware that they made*. I often find the LoL feels a lot less like a learning experience, and a lot more like a simple in-house competitive series. While I don't have solutions to every problem. I have a few suggestions: To combat the amount of time spent post-game. Maybe anyone who has thoughts on any player's play in the previous game could take a note or something. And then maybe we could have a thread where people post there thoughts. So, for example, if Kyroo thought I was getting caught out often because I was splitting too much and ignoring the map, he could post about it in like a ADC criticisms thread or something (I'm just spit-balling here, I never get caught out). The central point being: Most of the extra time spent in post-game is due to the fact that each piece of feedback has to be spoken sequentially instead of simultaneously. This leads to most players just spending a ton of time sitting around waiting for people to finish speaking their individual thoughts on an individual player. Which also really kills momentum. I'm pretty sure that most of the time, when one game ends, a lot of people are ready to lay down a few words and jump into the next game (I may be projecting). Either way, if people have ideas on how we could implement the feedback threads, I would love to hear them. For getting into games, I think the biggest problem is communication. There often a minority of players taking up a majority of the sonic space. And I honestly don't believe this is because they're too loud and talking to much. I have found time and time again that there are a lot of players who (even when asked) seem to not respond, or are zoned out/not paying attention to positions and champion select. This leads to really incoherent team compositions and people forgetting which role they're playing or who they're trading with. I'm not entirely sure how to fix this, but I think we really need to encourage high levels of communication. I think that if you're distracted or prefer not to talk at all, LoL's competitive environment is not for you. Finally, I think it would be cool if we had some sort of tags that labeled our preferred positions. A fair amount of time is often spent figuring out who's going where and who is being put on which team. Again, I'm not entirely sure how to solve this problem, but a good start would maybe be tags. These are just my personal Quips with LoL. While I absolutely adore the competitive environment and team-play, I haven't found it worth it when literally 50%+ of the event time is spent out of game. If anyone has any suggestions on how to solve these problems, I would love to hear.
  27. Magic The Gathering Arena

    Right now I'm running a White/Black Vampire Lifelink deck. Still working on the balance but its fun as hell to annoy people when they get me down to 4 HP and cant kill me because I get enough minions out that i can heal through their damage and do damage to them every time i heal. I'm going to be trying to put together a few more decks to round out my set but for now I'm just messing around and having fun.
  28. Self Care: Let's Talk About Mental Illness

    So I'd just like to update that I'm pretty proud of myself for making it through some mental struggles this week with work, and just being generally overwhelmed. I catered an event tonight for 50 people all by myself, and it took a lot out of me, not only physically, but mentally as well. I'm going to crash for a good bit, I planned on it afterwards, not just rest, but just allow myself to re-coop. Hope everyone is doing well. If you see me online, hit me up for a game or some chat. Lord knows I need a distraction.
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