What is the MadCast Code of Conduct?

The MadCast Code of Conduct ---which applies to members and non-members alike--- Expects the Following:

  • Admin requests will be respected.
  • People will not be attacked nor will rage be directed at anyone.
  • People will not be called racist or religious slurs of any kind.
  • People will not be expected to tolerate unwanted and unsolicited sexually-charged comments directed at them.
  • Female members and guests' presence will not cause all the males on the website or TS3 to begin to act all “macho” or “chest-puffy” toward other guys in some sort of weird peacock-like display.
  • People will not discuss the buying, selling, use, experience, or possession of illegal drugs.
  • People will cease a line of teasing or jest if asked by the target of that jest or someone else on TS3 in that channel.

The expectations are also summarized as follows:


When I hang out with my friends, either in a small group or a party, we tend to joke with one another. That joking often includes crude humor, and yes, even name-calling. People also understand how to take a joke. Everyone knows the difference between an actual attack and dudes just busting balls. But when someone appears to be, or states that they are offended or that a particular joke or topic goes too far (i.e, it is now an "attack"), we stop. And if the person won't stop, others usually weigh in and it gets resolved.

The “others” here are the admins. If anyone asks you to stop ---especially an admin--- you need to stop