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Sniper: Beginners Guide

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Sniping's a good job mate. From a distance you have the benefit of seeing the entire battle unfold. You get to choose between high priority targets and people that just exposed themselves to an easy kill. Your main job is to remove players from the board, call out important information you've seen, and counter sniping.



Are fast, and jumpy. They make getting a headshot difficult. Additionally you only have 125 HP which makes you very squishy. If a scout is coming for you, do not be afraid to aim for the body. Most scouts will scamper off screaming medic the second you hit them. An aggressive scout might not though, so always have an escape plan.


The very first thing you should be looking for is another sniper, because trust me they are looking for you. They can take you out just as quickly as you can take them out. Use the map (corners/dark spots/small gaps) to your advantage.


These guys eat sniper alive. Always check your six. Never go extended periods of time without looking behind you. If the hairs on the back of your neck are tingling then look behind you. Even if they aren't, look behind you. The most effective way to neutralize a spy is to let them know that you are always looking. More importantly, call them out. If the rest of your team is looking for them, they aren't going to be able to get much done.


Instant kills. This is numoro uno. Instant kill or max damage. You can work with another player to shoot down a sentry, you can take aim at someone on the other team being healed (or better yet, pick off the medic healing them). You have a lot of play making ability. Prioritize and listen to your team. Get to where they need you, or if you are confident enough get to a vantage point you feel you can be effective at. Whatever you do though, don't stand 500 ft back from the battle and try and body shot everything. Fear is not an option. Surviving is key, but you are drastically reducing your effectiveness if you are hiding way back hoping for that one person to show themselves so you can shoot.


You can do a lot of things as a sniper. People often think that aiming down the scope is the key to playing this class, and let me tell you people are wrong. Changing out weapons and finding the best way to work for your team is key. I usually run with Jarate (jar of piss) to throw at enemies. If there is a large pack of bad guys ahead I heave my mason jar of fermented urine at them. This means for a short period of time every hit they take is a mini-crit giving our team the upper hand with damage dealing. You can also use Jarate to put out teammates on fire, or expose enemy spies. I also like to throw it at the poor sap that thinks they are going to 1v1 me for the easy kill. You see, I also use Bushwaka for my melee because it gives 100% critical hits to anyone covered in Jarate. So, to the wanabee play maker that wants to kill the sniper for the easy points I say, "COME AT ME BRO!".


This is the bread and butter of sniping (obviously). If I could name one thing that is most important when sniping, it would be awareness. Not aiming, not how fast you can scope. Awareness. Knowing where your team is, and most importantly the other team is key. Once you have that down, the scoping can begin.

There are two types of 'Scopers'. The 'long scope' (people that scope in, let the charge build up and shoot) and the 'quick scope' (people who only scope in to take a quick shot and then move). Both tactics have their place, but you will find you live much longer once you have perfected your quick scoping. It takes practice, and a lot of missing. That's ok though. I have a few tips to get you into the habit of quick scoping:

1. Pick a spot in the set up round and practice moving, quick scoping, and hitting that spot. I like to put my spray on the wall and aim at a spot on it. You'll miss a few times, but as you do it you will get better. Consider this a pre-game warm up.

2. Change your crosshair to a little dot instead of +. I use a green neon dot so it never blends with any other textures in the game. You can change your crosshair in the multiplayer options in game.

3. Make sure you disable 'automatic rescoping' in your multiplayer options. You want to be the one that controls going in and out of your scope at all times.

4. Use sweeping motions when aiming for that headshot. Keeping your crosshair at head level and then sweeping it in the direction you need will making lining up the shot quicker. This really helps when counter sniping. The faster (and more accurate) sniper always wins.

5. Don't be afraid to miss! Your aim will get better, but you need to be quick to stay alive. If you've ever fallen victim to a quick sniper you may have been confused because it didn't even look like they stopped to scope in and shoot you. It happens that fast!

6. Never stand in one place and shoot. Always move. If you aren't looking down your scope you should be moving. It could be a left/right strafe, it could be to an entirely different location. It doesn't matter. Never stand still.


If there are already 2+ snipers, don't add to the list. No team wants that many snipers. Pick another class the team needs and keep an eye on the count so you can switch when the time is right. Even ask if someone wants to swap, just don't be 'that guy'.

Do not stand right next to, or in front of another sniper. Find another spot. I don't care why you are standing there.

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