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Ticket to Ride Game Day

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Ticket to Ride Game Day!



Brought to you by MadCast: AndromedaCat and MadCast: Listerfiend21

Ticket to Ride is a board game where you compete against other players to create railroads across the U.S. It takes 30 min. to an hour to play.
It is an incredibly easy-to-learn game which has lots of complexity to it.
You don't have to own the game to play! All you have to do is register an account on which lets you play four free games.
If you don't know about Ticket to Ride, I suggest watching this and also checking out You can play games against the AI to get a feel for the game. 
Here's a quick overview in case you don't/can't watch the video. 
Collect the most points at the end of the game to win, here's how to earn them!
Building Trains - 1 train = 1 point / 2=2 / 3=4 / 4=7 / 5=10 / 6=15
Have the longest Train (10 point bonus at the end of the game)
Complete routes from one city to another. Longer routes are worth more but are riskier. (If you do not complete your route, it will be counted against you. Example - A +17 route, if left uncompleted, counts as a -17 at the end of the game.
Start the game with 4 Train cards, and 3 Route Cards. You must keep at least two of your route cards, but you may choose to keep all three.
Each turn a player may take 1 of 3 actions.
Draw Two Train Cards. - You may choose the face up showing cards, or draw from the deck. If you choose a wild face up card it counts as two cards.
Draw three route cards - You must keep at least 1 route card out of the three you drew.
Place Trains on the board. - Using your train cards you may place your trains on the map. Example - You have collected 5 Red Train Cards, you can play on a 5 red train route on the map. Gray spots on the map can be played by any color, however they must still be matching, you can play 2 black or 2 red on a 2 gray map route
The Game Ends when one of the players has 2 or fewer trains left.
This event will be open to everyone C+.

When: Sunday, February 9th at 2 p.m. Mad Cast Time


Where: and an event channel in TS


Who: [C]+


To participate:

Sign up below!


Create an account with and play your first game PRIOR to the event. The first game you play of Ticket to Ride online through their site will force you play against the AI, so you need to make sure you play at least once before the actual event day!


The MadCast Event Policy will be in effect, so if you find out you won't be able to attend, let me or Listerfiend21 know!


Sign up below and let's make train tracks! ;D 

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One of my immediate family members got this for Christmas. I've yet to play it with them, but I'd like to try and be there for this as it's on the one day I actually have off work.

*marked on schedule*


EDIT: Played it for the first time today with four other newbies. Good stuff. It was more exciting than everyone had anticipated once the rules were understood of course.

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Sorry I missed this. I love TtR. Hope everyone had fun.


You can make it up to my crushed soul by participating in the book club discussion next week ;p (reading is good for you. doooo eeeeet)

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