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Behind The Tag: The Person @ The Keyboard: MadCast: Sotarkadin

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For this month's Behind The Tag, I will be interviewing the MadCast member who I am most familiar with (not by choice), MadCast: Sotarkadin. Hopefully, I don't learn anything I didn't already know, or you may never hear from him again! I hope you enjoy this month's Behind The Tag!




MadCast: Listerfiend21: How did you find out about MadCast?

MadCast: Sotarkadin: There is a guy I work with that I always talked video games with. Around the time Star Wars: The Old Republic came out we were talking about the game and I mentioned I was going to get it but didn't know what server to play on. He told me to roll on his server and join the guild he was in, which happened to be MadCast. Before you ask, no he wasn't part of MadCast, it was just a guild he was in that he knew a few people in.


MCL: How did you come up with your MadCast name?

MCS: When I first started playing WoW I wanted to name my toon Kratos (God of War was my game of choice at the time). That name was unavailable, so I chose Sotark (read it backwards you’ll get it). A few years later I made a paladin and named it Sotarkadin because I’m not very original with names. That name ending up sticking and here I am still using it almost 10 years later.


MCL: What are your favorite/least favorite things about MadCast?

MCS: My favorite thing has to be the variety of games that we play here in the community. I have found out about and played quite a few games that I never would have heard of if it weren't for MC. This also leads to usually finding somebody who plays a game you like. Least favorite is related to that, in that sometimes with all the games we have people find their little groups and won’t play with people outside of that group. That makes it harder for you to pick up a game and play if you aren't part of their crowd.


MCL: What MadCast members have you met IRL, if any?

MCS: Lister (obviously), Jobo, DanKnee (not Danny, he’s the fake one), Butter, Rife, and VoShay.

MCL: Are there any MadCast members that you would love to hangout with?

MCS: Thortt, Oliver, and Soupcup.


MCL: What games do you play with MadCast? And what games do you play outside the community?

MCS: Within MadCast I play: GW2, Wildstar, LoL, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo 3, and TF2. Outside of MadCast I play: WiiU and any number of Steam games (Plants vs. Zombies, Prison Architect, and Dungeon Defenders to name a few.)

MCL: What is your favorite game you have for the WiiU?

MCS: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


MCL: How old were you when you first started gaming?

MCS: I can’t remember the age but it was around 3rd or 4th grade.

MCL: Tell us the first gaming experience you can remember.

MCS: The Hulk for Commodore 64. It was a text based game where you typed in commands.


MCL: What are some of your pet peeves? Gaming pet peeves?

MCS: Hmm, pet peeves. People who don’t pay attention to information posted in stores. I worked customer service for almost 10 years and I hated it when a sign would say “CC machine down. Cash only”, then people would get mad and be like “Why don’t you have that up anywhere?” after they walked by a dozen signs saying it. I guess maybe it’s more just people who don’t pay attention in general.

Gaming pet peeves is easy… people who think they are better than they really are. Like the guy in LoL who is telling everybody how to play and how good he is, yet he is 0/10 and the one causing the team to lose. I just hate arrogance in gaming. If you are good, your play will speak for itself.


MCL: Other than gaming, what are your hobbies and interests?

MCS: One of my biggest interests is sports. I will watch almost anything; football, soccer, arena football, basketball, tennis, golf.  A couple of my hobbies include golfing and reading.

MCL: What are some of your favorite sports teams/players?

MCS: NFL: Miami Dolphins

          Soccer: FC Bayern Munich

          NBA: Phoenix Suns

          Golf: Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson


MCL: What is one proud moment in your life; inside and out of MadCast?

MCS: Inside of MadCast there are two. First, is the day I became an FM because that day honestly changed the landscape of my online gaming life. Second, would be the day I earned my RFM status, as it made me feel good knowing the SFM’s had enough faith in my character as a person to uphold the standards of being a MadCast admin.

Outside of MadCast, I could be that guy and say the day I married MadCast: Lister and the day our daughter was born, but to me that is a given. If you aren't proud of those kinds of moments in your life, than you have issues. Honestly though, it would be the day I got my current position at work. Most people in MadCast probably don’t know this, but I am a Database Programmer at my current company. The first few years at the company I applied for different programming/engineering positions and was always told “Sorry, you don’t have a degree.” I was determined to not give up and taught myself how to program and started doing side projects to show what I could do. I was not going to let the lack of a piece of paper dictate what I could or couldn't do. Eventually, I had done some work on a few projects that got my name out there and I am now one of only two people in the group (of close to 60 programmers) who doesn't have a degree. The other is a friend of mine who helped teach me what I know today and helped push and drive me to get where I am today.


MCL: What was one low-point in your life?

MCS: In my early 20’s I lived in San Diego and had a very bad drinking and drug problem. The lowest point was the last time I ever got high. I was high on meth, had been up for a couple days or so, and woke up in the back office of my work (I was the Store Manager of Blockbuster at the time). Apparently, I had gone to work like that and called a few people in to work because I couldn't. I remember waking up, but had no recollection of the last 48 hours. That was the last time I've ever touched a drug. I also quit drinking for a few years, until I was able to regain control of my life.

MCL: If you don’t mind me asking, how did you quit?

MCS: I just quit cold turkey. There were no programs or counseling… I just realized where my life was headed if I continued down that path.


MCL: What is your dream job?

MCS: I would love to be a programmer at Blizzard. I love what Blizzard does and would love to go to work for them.

MCL: Have you ever been attended BlizzCon?

MCS: No, that is my life long goal.


MCL: Top 5 favorite bands/artists?

MCS: 5. Insane Clown Posse

          4. Nick Cave

          3. Hollywood Undead

          2. Eminem

          1. Blake Shelton

MCL: So you have four rap/rock bands/artists and a country singer lol. I love it!


MCL: Most embarrassing song on your iTunes?

MCS: That’s easy, Loser Like Me by The Cast of Glee.


MCL: It’s the zombie apocalypse, based solely on what you know about them, which 3 other MC members would you pick for your survival team? Why?

MCS: MadCast: Lister – So we could repopulate the world.

          MadCast Ma’day – His computer, contracting/construction skills would hopefully make him useful for building and MacGyvering shit together.

          MadCast: CindyLouWho – Because zombie bait.


MCL: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us or we might find interesting.

MCS: I have a genius IQ and have previously been qualified for MENSA, but was never really interested in doing anything with it.


MCL: Do you collect anything?

MCS: Anything that has Harley Quinn on it, doesn't matter if it’s a lanyard or POP! Vinyl figures.


MCL: If you won the lottery, what would be the first 3 things you bought?

MCS: A house, a car (not even an expensive one, just a reliable family car), and a new home theater system. I want the kind with movie theater chairs and screens on the walls.


MCL: If you had the money, where would you go on vacation next year and what would you do there?

MCS: I would go to Scotland. I would love to see the old castles there, and would love the chance to play a round of golf at St. Andrews.

MCL: Come on, be honest with us… you just want to see some sexy men in kilts!


MCL: If you could relive the last ten years of your life, what would you do differently?

MCS: Honestly, at this point there is nothing I would do different. It’s been over 10 years since I was clean, so the last 10 years have been nothing but good for me. I've gotten married, had our daughter, have a great job, and a great gaming community to call home.


MCL: Team Rife or Team VoShay?

MCS: Sorry VoShay, but I bonded with Rife in a special way at our meet-up.

MCL: Does Rife know this?

MCS: There was alcohol involved so he might not remember.


MCL: One last question… If you were stuck in an airport bar on a 2 hour layover, which MadCast member would you want to be stuck next to?

MCS: Soup. I love Soup so much that I feel like we could have some great conversations over a few pints of beer.

MCL: Isn't he like 19? I think you would be drinking solo.

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Blake Shelton and Glee! I just really enjoyed the first season of Glee, but do actually like some of their versions of popular/well-known songs.  :P Interesting interview. Nice questions and responses!


Congrats on the lifestyle change. Since I'm new and out of curiosity (if I may ask), did you and Lister first meet in MadCast?

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Blake Shelton and Glee! I just really enjoyed the first season of Glee, but do actually like some of their versions of popular/well-known songs.  :P Interesting interview. Nice questions and responses!


Congrats on the lifestyle change. Since I'm new and out of curiosity (if I may ask), did you and Lister first meet in MadCast?

Nope. We met online in 2004. MadCast wasn't around yet. :)

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Very cool interview.  Very inspiring that you quit cold turkey like that.  I've never had that struggle myself but I've heard it's hell trying to kick.  


Can't wait to see more of these.  

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If any of you are interested in reading the other three interviews for Behind The Tag, here ya go:


Behind The Tag: MadCast: Lister

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I can get behind anyone that loves them some Harley Quinn.


Great interview! Was wonderful to read. Your story is inspiring. c:

I couldn't agree more with this plus its nice to get to see another side of some of our long standing members. Thank you Lister for keeping up the good work and to Sotar for sharing. ^_^

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