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Lookie, Lookie what I found! (D&D)

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those are infact the 1995 hard cover mint condition adv D&D DM and Player books.

You think they are worth?

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Bingo!!!! Cyborgs and aliens for D and D!!!! I thought i lost them!

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I wish I still had my old books.  Sold them all to some used book store for a very miniscule amount, which I regret now, but at the time, I figured I would never bother with them again.  I think it was shortly after 3rd edition came out, sold all my 1st and 2nd edition stuff, along with lots of other various systems.  Not sure they'd be worth anything, but would just be nice to have.

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My all time favorite race of any game!  Even more then Lupin.



Home World: Aleer (A member of the Rigunmor Star Consortium)

Other Names: Cybermen, Aleerin (Aleerin is actually their real name).

Computer Operation Skill Bonus: Mechalus receive a -1 step situation die bonus whenever they use the Knowledge-computer operation or Computer Science-hacking skills. To gain this bonus, the mechalus must merge with the computer, forming a bond through the filaments that extend from his fingers. It takes one round to complete or disengage a merge.

Cybernetic Enhancements: By their nature, Mechalus have electronic technology integrated into their physiology. Mechalus have two neural data slots that allow them to use computer programs, an internal processor that is equivalent to a Good quality nanocomputer, and bioorganic circuitry that functions like a reflex device. A Mechalus hero may be equipped with, or may be able to acquire at a later date, a cybernetic device as described in Chapter 15 of the Alternity Player’s Handbook. A Mechalus hero equipped with cyber gear is not subject to the chance of the cybernetic equipment being rejected by his body, and the limit to the amount of cybernetic gear he can have is based on hisConstitution score +4 instead of simply his Constitution score (as is the case for heroes of other species).

Ability Score Range

  • STR: 8-14
  • DEX: 4-14
  • CON: 6-14
  • INT: 7-15
  • WIL: 6-12
  • PER: 4-12

Free Broad Skills

  • Strength: Athletics
  • Dexterity: Vehicle Ops
  • Constitution: Stamina
  • Intelligence: Knowledge, Computer Science
  • Will: Awareness

Average Starting Age: 72-123
Average Height: 1.8 meters
Average Weight: 90 kilograms

Notes: [Ted’s Discretion] years prior to being contacted, the Aleerins (mechalus) annihilated an entire species in their own system. A faction called the Negationists (radical pacifists after the genocide), in their guilt, vowed to shed all bastions of their flesh and become one with the computer (blaming the flesh as the reason for their violence). This faction departed Aleerin space, merging with their ships, never to be heard from again.

Mechalus fall into three categories within Rigunmor space – leased, contracted, and independent. Leased work between Rigunmor and Aleer. Contracted work outside Rigunmor. Independent take no long term obligations with anyone. It should be noted that the game takes place on the Verge, far from Rigunmor space, and it has been 100 years since anyone has seen normal space.

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