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Possible shields, quiver, new arrows in 1.9?

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So just a few hours ago Dinnerbone tweeted this, and as per the reddit thread, it appears to be a cut up screenshot. Someone in the thread pieced it back together (within minutes of it being posted, lol) and we have this, which shows new slots in the GUI for what looks to be a shield, then there's the quiver/arrow slots, and 4 different types of arrows. It looks like the arrow slot likely determines what arrow type you shoot, and it might have to be restocked when you run out of the stack, unless it automatically grabs arrows from your inventory to the slot.


Still not sure on what the different arrow types do, some speculate that the green one, for example, is a poison arrow, and the black one might be wither or blindness. Some think the orange one might be fire, but since we have the fire enchant I think it'll be something else, unless they're removing that enchant on bows. Who knows though, I'm excited to see where this goes.

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