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Hots Tier List (Updated 5/23/2015)

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This tierlist was created in conjunction with Juno, Sleiph, Yordlebob, Munsa, Stan, and myself.  Keep in mind that there is no delineation within the tiers.


Keep in mind this is updated for the Kael'Thas patch.


T0 = Good in every team no matter what, Will always like this pick.

T1 = Solid all around pick.

T2 = Can be good but T1 does their job better

T3 = Can be good but needs a team to be built around them for it to be a good pick.

T4 = Very Very Very situational pick don't normally pick.

T5 = Don't pick 0 upsides to these heroes.


New releases NOT in tier list waiting for results.








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While creating this tier list a few champions sparked what I will term the "asterisk" discussion.

You've got heroes like Stitches, Abathur, and so on who require a greater deal of skill to fully maximize.  We attempted to make these placements without too much consideration toward individual skill levels.  It is important to note that being able to consistently hit pulls on intended targets, being able to micro manage Vikings/Abathur well, and so on could change their value when considering picks.

Regardless, if you are looking to fill out your roster focusing on the T0-2 heroes will give you a good setup moving into higher levels of play.

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