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Exiles vs Dominion 2


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  1. 1. Exiles vs Dominion: Which do you want to play?

    • Exiles
    • Dominion
    • Don't care I just wanna play

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As you guys may know, Wildstar is going F2P this fall and I intend to start us up again as a guild. At the moment we have an Exiles guild already started but, since the game is rebooting I'm giving us the option to do it as well. So once again MadCast, the power to choose is in your hands. What say you?

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I don't know how much I'll be playing, but I like both sides. Exiles for Mordesh and because I already have 2 well geared toon there.... Dominion is nifty as well, but I'd largely  have to start over.

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