100% Off GW2!

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The core Guild Wars 2 game is now Free to Play!


Download here:


Hope to see some new players in game!


[Note about Servers: GW2 uses a "mega-server" feature, meaning that you can play the majority of the game with any of your friends, no matter what server you are on. The only server-dependent activity in the game is WvW, which is a continuous server vs. server battle. Technically, the MCG guild (currently open to Full Members only) is on Sanctum of Rall, but if you are interested in playing WvW with MadCasters, I would reccomend choosing Sea of Sorrows as most of our active WvW members play there. If WvW does not interest you, pick any server you like!]

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Some of us will be working on WvW with the Sea of Sorrows server. Feel free to message myself, Elliath, or Shadow if you are interested in some late night havoc or want a guild invitation.


Or if you want to do anything in general, I've been up for dungeons and map completion lately. : )

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