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Flying, new enchants and fixed boats in 1.9

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So I'm not sure if people have been keeping up on the latest 1.9 snapshots, but in addition to the new fighting mechanics, the new End, they've also added the Elytra, which kind of acts like a glider, though if you go down a distance and then sharply curve up, you can go up a fair bit. It's pretty neat. At the end of the GIF you can see one of the new enchantments, Frost Walker, which as shown turns water to ice as you walk over it. It disappears over a short time and while you can break the ice, it will never drop, even with a silk touch tool.


The other enchantment, Mending, is an auto-repair enchantment that will repair a bit of your tools when you pick up XP, the XP picked up in this way won't be added to your levels until it's repaired. It repairs at a rate of 2 durability per XP point. It appears to be random as to what tool or armor it mends, it's pretty neat.


Lastly, boats! They've finally been fixed. In fact, basically they are the boats from the pocket edition. There are many types, only differing by color based on what wood was used. They now use paddles, which you control with A and D (I believe). Pressing one or the other turns the boat, while pressing both moves you forward. You can also carry a passenger in the boat, I'm unsure if you can have two players in one boat, however you can carry any mob in there. 


1.9 is really shaping up to be one of the best updates within the recent ones, in my opinion. A lot of content and cool stuff, as well as things that players have been wanting for some time now.

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With you on this one Sotarkadin. Haven't been a part of a community mc server in forever, so it would be fun to try that again (vanilla or modded :P) if one ever resurfaces, definitely let me know :P

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