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Countdown to the Launch of Heart of Thorns - 10/23

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Release is coming right around the corner, only two days away!  The expansion comes out 10/23/15 - get hyped!


Here is WoodenPotatoes recap of everything that is coming up:




There are soo many new things coming in with this release that it would be overwhelming to list them all.  Suffice to say, if you ever played GW2, this is the time to come back and check things out.

Every class has a new specialization you can unlock, allowing access to new weapons and powers. There is also a completely new class called the Revenant.  We will now have the ability to create a MadCast Guild Hall and have to gather a group of us to go in and fight for our right to party in the guild hall.  I believe there are a group of squatters sitting in it currently and we will need to go clear the hoodlums out!


Countdown to Launch: Elite Specializations and the Revenant/Herald


Countdown to Launch: Guild Halls


Raids in GW2


There are now Raids!  They revamped the old squad system to allow for 10 person groups and we can assemble into a group and tackle some seriously challenging PvE content.  I'll be excited to check this out.


Countdown to Launch: PvP and WvW


There is a new PvP gamemode called Stronghold, in which your team tries to take over the enemy base via pushing lanes.  This is somewhat similar to HotS/DotA/LoL in setup, but with the combat of GW2.  I've played it a few times and enjoy it much more than the typical king of the hill/capture the point style arena PvP.  


WvW gets a huge new Borderlands map with new mechanics and have revamped the way upgrading captured towers/keeps/etc works to encourage more guild functionality for capturing something.  This will tie in to new guild missions as well.


New Legendary Weapons:


A second set of legendary weapons are being released, and the long awaited precursor crafting system is in place so you don't have to count on a lucky drop or giant purchase from the trading post to get one.  Now you can undertake an epic quest to build your ultimate shiny.  The first three new legendaries have been previewed, an axe, a staff, and a pistol.


If you've thought about trying out Guild Wars 2 over the past three years, but never got around to it, the base game is now free!  Arena Net made this move a few months ago to encourage people to hop into the game, with the intent that many of those folks would buy the expansion.  I have to say that the amount of content combined with how gorgeous the game make getting the game and exploring around a no brainer.  The game is known for having one of the best online communities, with helpful people around every corner.  We already knew that since we have the awesome MadCast community to game with, but it doesn't hurt to bump into friendly players at every turn.


I'll look forward to seeing you all in game.  

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27 hours to the HoT Release!


Besides the Revenant I am rolling and main with my purchased Charactor slot; with my free toon spot I am rerolling a Mesmer to be a Chronomancer since my Asura character is not a Chronomancer type (gambler who uses illusion to get out of situations).  I know the Druid will be pretty popular (best thing every for Kit) but my Norn Ranger isn't the healer type... so I might have to roll another slot for just that Druid.  Guardian will switch to Dragon hunter for the bow.  Necro and Warrior wont change.  Engineer might change... its temping to something more exciting to play.  Elementalist is definitely picking up Tempest with the Water focus (Dagger/Warhorn).  Theif is a bit up in the air... she is not really a staff melee type (Dual Pistols).  I will likely pick up the Daredevil path for the other skills and traits.  But not necessarily for the staff option.

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I am torn on what to play.  I've been an Elementatlist for three years, but also have my mesmer, guardian, and engineer characters at 80.  I am definitely making a Revenant, might use my extra character slot to make a Necromancer/Reaper, and have a low level thief as well.  I feel like my main will always be my Ele, but I wasn't 100% sold on Tempest during the beta weekends.  It's going to take me awhile before I figure out which Elite Spec is my favorite I think.  I'm patching now, can't wait to hop in!

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Ya I am focusing on three things for now.


Revenant/Herald: This will likely be my new main once I get the ball rolling and not play the new HoT maps.  He is going to look awesome!  Got the armor and weapons picked out for him.  So excited!!! But its going to take FOREVER till he is up and running.


Chronomancer:  Used the extra slot I got from ANET to roll a new Mesmer human since my current Mesmer, is an Asura and his story doesn't really fit Chronomancy.  This new guy, who is Tereez for those that know who he is, will be an RP character.


Guardian:  Although My guardian is my do all champ and kicks butt... I am not enjoying the bow skill set on the new Dragon Hunter... it doesnt have the fast shooting appeal the Ranger and Warrior have.  I will complete the HoT story with him mind you.  But I don't think I will rock out this Dragon Hunter...


Tempest:  I really like the skill set for my new Ele.  Although I just rolled him and its going to take a while to get online, the new Tempest set really fits his play style!  However, he is priority 4-5 on the list behind even the Thief/Daredevil possibly.  

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