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As many are aware we have once again moved the location of our Teamspeak server.  The reason for this is that the Admins at the ranks of SFM and higher have found that the amount of use we were getting for our Dedicated box in St. Louis, MO wasn't worth the price we were paying for it.  Essentially, we could no longer justify the cost compared to the amount of use we were getting out of it.  We have thus opted to instead get a virtual dedicated server located in Dallas, Texas.  This move alone will nearly cut our monthly operating costs in half.  The decision to go with this change was unanimous among SFM+. 


Some things to know going forward.  The Minecraft Mimic server is effectively shut down as of this posting.  Currently the Vanilla Minecraft server is offline, but if there is enough interest we can put the Vanilla server back online on our new box as it can handle the load of a Vanilla Minecraft server.  The new box will house our Teamspeak server and quite possibly the Vanilla Minecraft server.  With those 2 servers there is still enough spare room to still hold another server or 2 of other games if the need arises and the files are publicly available.


With the Teamspeak move this time around I have opted to do a full wipe of the Teamspeak database and start over.  So your first time logging onto the new location you will not have your normal Teamspeak permissions as you will have to be re-added to the proper server group.  This is to help clean up the huge amount of outdated identities used by various members through the years.  This also allows me a chance to finally get the group permissions formed properly (various transfers from the past caused some issues that couldn't be resolved without completely rebuilding the group permissions).


I have already adjusted our donation goals and the Ledgers to reflect the new amounts going forward from here.  We thank you for your patience as we get everything sorted during this time. 


If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, etc about this announcement then please feel free to post them as a reply in this thread.

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