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Overwatch Stress Test Weekend Nov. 20th

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Blizzard is doing a stress test weekend this weekend Friday November 20th through Monday November 23rd.  They are going to be sending out alot more invites for just the weekend only to stress test the servers.  They will have three maps available and all 21 heroes.  Here's hoping to some of us getting in.




Highjacking OP with information:  All accounts have been flagged for this weekends stress test.



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Fuck you Blizzard.

HotS is basically a whole new game, the new Adventure for Hearthstone plays a LOT better than it looked on paper, and now I've got Overwatch for the weekend.



QQ some more.  Try having opted into beta within moments of it's announcement.  Pre-ordered Origins Edition within moments of it's announcement.  Still no beta invite.


*on a personal side note, I now realize that perhaps we need some salt emoticons on here :tongue:*


Also, as far as I have read and understood, weekend stress testers do not retain permanent beta status.  So do enjoy it while you have it as most will likely lose the access after the weekend.  Have fun and play hard.  Get your fill and see you on the flip-side.

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