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Hearthstone Tournament - January 2016

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Many of you have asked and so the admin team has delivered.  A Hearthstone tournament is far overdue here at MadCast and it is time we fixed that.  Saturday January 23rd a champion will be crowned and will earn the right to display the official MadCast Hearthstone Portrait:






Format:  Bracket style.  Players will advance to the next level upon victory until there is only one player left.  Matches will be played in the Conquest format.  You must win with both of your decks in order to advance.  The winner of the first game is required to change decks while the loser can choose to keep the deck they lost with or change as well.  This rule applies to game two.  The winner of game two will be required to change decks or if they were the winner of the first game they are declared the victor and advance to the next round while the loser is eliminated.  There will not be a losers bracket.




  • No card restrictions.  You are free to use any card in your collection.
  • You must construct 2 (two) decks of different classes.  These are the only two decks you will use the entire tournament. 
  • You must submit a screenshot of your decks to the designated referee (TBA) via PM on the website prior to the start of the tournament.
  • No spectating of matches.  Casting of some form will be provided on delay.  It is your responsibility to remove all spectators (even friends not participating) from the match.  This is done to ensure no advantage is gained by seeing an opponents hand.
  • If a participant disconnects and is not able to reconnect to the game, the disconnect will be treated as a loss for the one who lost the connection, unless determined otherwise by the tournament administration. The participant that did not disconnect has to wait two (2) minutes in the current game to give their opponent the chance to reconnect to the game. In case of a rematch the participants have to choose the same deck again.
  • If a game was finished in a tie so both participants drop to 0 health points in the same turn (both participants will see a "Defeat" as the end screen), the game will be remade with both participants using the very same deck again.


When:  January 23rd @7pm EST

Where:  Teamspeak


Eight challengers will be accepted.  Preference goes to Full Member's first and if a spot is still available we will open it up to candidates and associates.  By signing up you agree to the rules of the tournament and commit to the date and time.  I will open two alternate slots in the event a participant cannot commit to the event.


Good luck to everyone who dares seek the crown!


Sign Ups:


1.  Ballen

2.  Nevard

3.  Sanjo

4.  Stan

5.  Munsa

6.  Sabre Wolf

7.  PoolOfInk

8.  Pretolkos



1.  Mastadon




I will be the referee for this event.  Send me a screenshot of your two decks before 7pm via PM on the MadCast website.

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Due to the Nor'Easter we got coming in Friday and Saturday, I will likely have to do an emergency stay at a hotel near my work (gotta love being essential personnel).  I will still be able to participate in-game via Mobile Sat night, but I will not be able to get on teamspeak.  Will this be a problem?

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I would love to participate, you can add me as an alternate just because I do not know how my hours will be and whether my internet will be decent in the hotel I will be put up in.

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was the decision made about the ref?


I am staying in a hotel thanks for the snow storm so no TS availability for me...

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