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Your most played Overwatch hero?

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So with Overwatch being out almost two weeks.  I was curious to know what is everybody's top 3 played Heroes and how long have you played them?  Once I get a few people responding i'll put together some numbers to see what MadCast as a community plays.  Post below with your top 3 heroes and your hours played for them.


Sotark - Reinhardt(10), Reaper(7), Pharah(4)

Lister - Junkrat(4), Pharah(1), Mei(1)

Scooba - Tracer(3), Mei(3), Junkrat(2)

Munsa - Lucio(6), Roadhog(6s), Junkrat(5)

Angelix - Mercy(22), Lucio(3), Zenyatta(1)

Cookie - Hanzo(7), Lucio(6), Winston(5)

2Clueless - Widowmaker(8), Tracer(7), Mercy(4)

Prince - Torbjorn(4), Lucio(3), Zarya(2)

Kassidy - Junkrat(7), McCree(5)

Bainick - Mei(7), Torbjorn(6), Widow(6)

Kali - Mercy(14), Genji(4), Tracer(3)

Wrestlar - Roadhog(6), Lucio(4), Mercy(3)

Sleepcoma - Pharah(3), Lucio(3), Winston(1)

Rife - Reaper(9), Soldier76(3), Roadhog(3)

Renegade - Lucio(4), Soldier76(3), Reinhardt(2)

Psycolistic - Widowmaker(5), Bastion(2), Pharah(2)

ZeroCool - Reinhardt(5), Winston(3), Roadhog(2)


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1 minute ago, MadCast: Angelix said:

Think I'm around 32 hours on Mercy.  My next highest is Lucio with a few hours.  Then it's probably Symmetra and Zenyatta.

Trying to use as specific numbers as I can.  If you could check your career profile, it would be greatly apprecaited.

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about 11 hours on Mei, 9 on Torb, and 6 on Widow, though I won't be playing her much any more.

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I thought I'd throw this out here, check out They list all sorts of stats (KDA, Accuracy, Win Rate, etc.) no matter if you are on XBox, PlayStation or PC. Compared to you guys, I need to step it up!

Here are top 5 longest played:

  1. Lucio - 1-ish hour
  2. Junkrat - 30-ish min
  3. Reaper - 30-ish min


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