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MadCast Clubs and Club Membership

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As of today, MadCast has two active clubs in League of Legends. The MadCast Gaming [MCG] and MadCast Gaming Candidates MCGC clubs. 

MCG was created by MadCast Maday previously so as to represent our community in LoL. MCGC was created to be an interim club to bridge the gap between Candidates and Full members, and to allow them a place to group up with others. If you require an invite to either club, find myself or any one of the LoL admins.


There are only 50 slots available in any given club, and those slots can be hard to come by for larger groups. To guarantee that our clubs are full of active members where others can find people to group with, we will be introducing some stipulations for the membership.


MadCast Gaming [MCG] and MCGC Clubs

1. You must be a Full Member (or Candidate for MCGC)

As membership here is something to be attained, so should it be in game. To be a member and represent our tags in game, you must be a Full Member+ of the community and on the website. 

2. If you're in it, rep it.

Much like in Teamspeak or Steam, you should wear our tags with pride. You are encouraged to make friends and be a part of other clubs, but represent your FM status where you can. Please pin the [MCG] tag to your active clan tag.

3. Be Active.

Much like the other two tenants, this is put into place to ensure an active group of members. If you have not played a match in one month, you will be removed from the club.


If you are removed from either club for any of the three reasons above, you can always reapply should you still fulfill the criteria.

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