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MadCast Receives a New Main Game

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Today we recognize the various efforts and fruits of their labors around the past couple months of activity within World of Warcraft here at MadCast.  The efforts put forth have proven they are willing to operate properly under a full MadCast banner.  MadCast hereby welcomes this iteration of World of Warcraft as a main game at MadCast.  This current branch is under the leadership of MadCast: Stan as the Head Admin.  

The guild name carries the MadCast name proper.  It is a Horde guild on the Dark Iron server.  However, due to the connected realms technology Blizzard has implemented, anyone on Coilfang, Dark Iron, Dalvengyr, Demon Soul, and Shattered Hand servers can join the guild proper with no need to transfer Dark Iron specifically.  The server is a PvP style server.

There will be some adjustments coming soon to our forums as well as Teamspeak to reflect the new main games.


As a secondary announcement we are shifting Overwatch into the normal games listing.  Overwatch no longer has a Head Admin and efforts are no longer ongoing to grow the game here anymore.  Anyone with interest in taking up that mantle should seek out a SFM or Staff to discuss such opportunities.

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please for the love of god be Horde!

Lok'Tar Ogar!


been a long time since I have logged in but I can gear quick or lvl and gear any of my other 100 toonsñ/simple my DH

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