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MadCast Angel - 2016

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Another holiday season is here and MadCast is no stranger to the season of giving.  Many years ago one of our founding members (MadCast Tort) stopped by an Angel tree and pulled a tag.  He had an idea that would eventually become a tradition here.  He asked the community if they wanted to donate a few dollars to spoil the little boy he selected from the Angel tree.  A few donations came in and rather than buying one item on the list as the tag suggested, the boy got everything on the list.  

MadCast has grown over the years and so has our ability to give back.  While some of the older threads have been lost in the great crash of 2010, you can see some of the history in these links:





This year is going to be a little bit different.  The Salvation Army tags have changed.  They only have one item listed per tag and this means we are going to shift from providing an abundance of gifts for a couple of kids to providing many gifts for many kids.  We have 4 kids we are going to take care of from the Salvation Army tree.  MadCast's generosity has proven to be greater than just 4 toys and that's why this year we also will be providing gifts for The Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation (POTCF).  This group puts together treasure chests to deliver to kids undergoing cancer treatment.  The goal to is provide a bit of joy and distraction during treatment.  They accept many kinds of gifts such as:

Action figures
* Dolls (including Barbie dolls) and accessories
* DVDs and CDs
* Games
* Gift cards, increments $5.00 (from fast food restaurants, Walmart, Target, Best Buy etc.)
* Jewelry, purses
* Models
* Playdough/art and crafts projects
* Trucks and cars
(no stuffed animals please)

This gives us the opportunity to choose what we want to buy for these kids.

How it works:

From now until December 9th MadCast will accept donations for this noble cause.  Simply donate using the the built in feature on the website and in the note field write 'MadCast Angel'.  Additionally if you wish to have a specific gift purchased for POTCF you can notate it in your donation description or PM me on the website.  

Please consider taking part this holiday season.  Remember that the every dollar counts.  $1, $5, or $500 all makes a difference.  If you cannot donate we understand and there is no need to post.  


Funds Raised:  715













I have to say... I think we really stepped our game up this year.  While a few dollars shy of last years donation we still put together an impressive total.  The shift in our focus of donations really opened the door to new possibilities and I think we capitalized on it.  Thank you very much to those that participated and I can assure you these kids are going to love what we've done here today.


MadCast Angel 2016 Photo Album


Full breakdown of gifts:

Play Doh 10pk x5

Disney Coloring Books x5

Origami Craft Book x5

Color Pencil 50pk x5

$10 Best Buy Gift Card x5

$10 McDonalds Gift Card x10

Bracelets x12

Pack of earings x6

Necklaces x6

Nerf Balls x2

Rubix Cube x2

Monopoly x2

Sorry! x2

Connect 4 x2

My Little Pony Dolls x2

Avengers Action Figures x2

Disney Princess Dolls x2

Starwars Hotwheels 3pk x2

Boys / Girls Mat & Car Set x2

Crayola Cling Creator

Dream Dazzlers Salon Vanity Set

Blaze Monster Dome Playset

My Little Pony themed Chutes and Ladders (Memory Game was discontinued so we improved)

Disney Princess Figures 3pk


Total came to $686.  A $30 donation was then made to the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation in MadCast's name for a total of $716.


Thank You, MadCast for yet another reason to be proud to call this place home.



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