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Want to PvP as a Havoc DH?

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This is all my opinion and what i think so far about it this season.


Felblade-Demon Blades-Bloodlet-Soul Rendering-Fel Eruption- Master of the Glave-Chaos Blades

I say these are best most of the time, but some could be changed for some comps for example instead of soulrendering go Netherwalk if they are really bursty and likely to go you so you wont just drop dead. 

Felblade is best i think because with demon blades the cd resets a lot and is useful to stay on target.

Demon Blades is best furry build up 

Bloodlet is still good i havent tried first blood so test that out but bleeds help against stealthies

Soul Rendering is still good for the leach for team fights or survivabilty Netherwalk is good just to advoid big burst dmg 

Fel Eruption I go this becuase it was good in beta and is good again. The 2 sec stun may help a lot and just does lots of dmg. Momentum is good still as well as Nemesis 

but for the play style im going for this patch Fel Eruption i feel is best.

Master of the Glave is best just so you have 2 charges of slows and perhaps bleeds if you went Bloodlet

Chaos blades is best this patch i think because with it your burst just got way better and is now with the same cd with metamorphosis with the new honor telent Demonic origins 

Demonic is good if you want that leach more often in bgs 

Honor Talents

Teir 1 can be personal -Reinforced Armor-Solitude-Reverse Magic-Demonic Origins-Detainment

Reinforced Armor is good for the more hp but go sparring against a high melee comp

Solitude is always best unless you are a melee comp because they will be near you then go glimpse 

Reverse magic is good against high cc comps this teir all talents are really good actually. Eye of Leotheras just kills casters if their healer does not dispel it unending hatred is too good against frost dks because you just get unlimited furry and you can just spam your Chaos Strike and gets the highest dmg output you can.

Demonic Origins id say is best now just for the extra 10% dmg and the cd of your metamorphosis is now 2min. Awaken the Demon within might still be good in 1v1 for the survivability and mana rift only works if you go mana brake which got nerfed and is not as good as it was.

Detainment is good for that unbreakable cc. Rain from above is only good in my opinion when you try to score a kill so they cant run or just to avoid bursts

So to play a DH in PvP is pretty easy Build up your furry using demon blades and Felblade (note against a target that can get away easy keep Felbade to get to the target just in case even though fel rush can help but felblade is a charge). Then spend your furry by chaos strike blade dance if you want to aoe or dodge attacks. Eye Beam isnt good enough to use it on cd better to use it when you cant reach a target. So for your burst I would build up your furry first before you use your cds unless you are rushing your target. Use metamorphosis > Chaos Blades > Chaos Nova (when the stun is gone form metamorphosis) > Fel Eruption (Another stun after CN) and you would just use chaos strike and blade dance between those for dmg. Destroyed many people as a dh that way haha. 

The the rest is just basic know when to use your defenses and interrupts, and use your fell rush as a defensive as much as you would use it offensive. 

The other play style is this (used it before patch 7.1.5 but still may work) Fel Mastery-Demon Blades-Bloodlet-Soulrendering-Momentum-Master of the glave-Chaos Blades or Fel Barrage 

How you would play it is you use fell rush often to get you furry and vengeful retreat 

Also if this does not help you much just send me a poke on ts then I could tell you Myself which would most likely be better but yeahh Demon Hunters op op

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