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hawaii vacation

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hey peoples


i am planning on taking my wife and my son to hawaii in may for my 10 year anniversay. Ive been looking at oahu for months now and just cant decide where to stay. people say stay in home a resorts just suck, but the houses im looking at seem like such a crap shoot on vrbo.

has anyone stay on oahu and have any advice based upon their trip there? i was looking at mostly on the north shore, im not particularly interested in staying in honolulu.

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I've stayed in a hostel on the north shore and wouldn't recommend it.  Got eaten alive by bugs, no idea what kind.

I'm afraid I haven't tried any of the resorts or other accommodations because I was visiting onboard a ship at the time, and stayed onboard when I wasn't up at the north shore.

On another note... I recommend checking out Hanama Bay if you like the water.  It's a coral reef and you can snorkel or just swim and there's tons of sea life, including sea turtles.  If you're a weak swimmer don't go far from shore because there can be a fair bit of undertow.  I had no issues with it, but I'm a strong swimmer, and I did have to drag one of my friends back in to shore when he started to tire out fighting the undertow.  He may have also had a few too many to drink.  If you're used to snorkeling, and wearing fins, you should have zero issues.

I also visited a shrimp truck on the north shore and it was absolutely fantastic.  The surfing is also good, but watch out for coral =)

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