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Arma 3

Ok a new post about the game/servers I am setting up.
for year I been running Arma3 server or helping other communities with there servers. now I'm going to put all that work for our very own server!

Now I am looking for Scripters, Map Editors and Server Testers.

if we do this right we can bring in a lot of new faces to our community and help grow.!

I will be making this server to be as life like as I/we can. Meaning for all the drugs/gold/diamonds/apples ect. the ways you make money as a hole it will be a grind so u will need to go out more often to keep up on gear/cars/house/hideouts. players can start gangs/military/mafia/cartel ect. and with a min. of ten members they can buy a small area and have a custom made base with all the standard stores and dealers/processers for their drug runs.



I have a Conan server in the works, as of right now not many options with scripts and no Map Editing but I am looking for testers to try out Mods we would like to add to help better the game or to add more to our server such as gear/items. this server will also be a grind to make it harder and to make players want to start tribs/clans and build a epic base as a team.



as of right now my ark server is turned off but I am doing a fresh wipe of the server and going to be adding a few mods and maybe a workshop Map. main mods I will be adding are more Dinos/Building stuff/gear
I do my own InI editing and server settings. this server will not be a cheese server where u hit max lvl in a day and build a epic base and tame all the high end dinos. it will be set to be a grind and u will have to work for your stuff.


7 Days to Die

Zombies what more do I have to say ??? lol, well a bit I guess!! well this server has seen its light since day one.! fist day server pop jumped and was booming for a while with random people. total pop is now at 40+ atm. no mods and server like all the others is a bit of a grind when solo, so u better get some friends and start a base ASAP! every 500-600days server days will get reset to 0 so new players don't have a really hard time when joining.



Yes a Minecraft server! atm running a old version of the mods Feed The Best IE, I'm thinking about updating to the new up2date versions of the game but not sure of what mod. I'm not all into the MC other then when I want to do a cool build "creative mode" then when I'm done then that's it for me ;) the person to talk to is MadCast: Frosty to get more info on the server and its progress. and yes we do have a good pop on the server with a group of random players.

PlayerUnknow's BattleGrounds

ok the word is they will be having a workshop and I'm hoping with that they will a low people to host their own servers ?!? if so we will have our own server day 1!
mods that will be used will only be

- more weapons

- cars

- map <if that will be a thing>

so lets wait and see what happens :D



now if there are any other games/servers people wish to see go live post here and I will look into it.

I love offering these type of service to a great group of people and thus far I really enjoy playing with all of you.! so please drop a comment let me know!

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Arma 3 Altis Life is an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone. The game is immersive and has a massive following. It would be a great opportunity for MadCast to diversify and reach an even bigger audience. I have a lot of experience with Arma life servers, and when done right, they are a massive growth opportunity!

If I can help in any way, please let me know.

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I would love for all to come and help with the Dev. of the server! even if u never played before it would definitely be a good loads of fun testing stuff out 

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lets get more attention to this post and let all of MadCast know about Arma 3

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