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Hello everyone, it's been a while. Some might remember me, but most of you likely don't, so I'm going to re-introduce myself.

Name's Regnilla. I joined about 4 years ago, did a few things on this website, had a laugh on the Minecraft server, and then spent the last few years in a haze. I was on Facebook when I saw some old screenshots I took while on the Minecraft server, and I thought now would be a good time to peek out of my coffin to see what everyone's up to.

Since I was last here, I started doing video games reviews and talking smack about them in a fun, yet honest way. Not sure if some of the rules have changed since I've been gone (haven't checked yet), but I'm still interested in getting my content out in the world for others to enjoy.

I'll be around more regularly, and since I didn't seem to have a funeral when I vanished, can I get something like a resurrection party or something stupid like that?

Either way, glad to meet ya (again).



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