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Hello everyone, it's your favorite Monkey here.

I just wanted to create a {LFG} thread on our main site to help draw out our Overwatch players and get them together in one spot. Some folks just have trouble with the variety in Solo Q; why not try playing with fellow MadCasters?

Good Luck & Have Fun!

Please use this thread to find fellow players to group up with by filling out the application below & posting it:





Top 3 heroes (For the above roles):




Most important team quality:

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BattleTag: Kikazaru#11235

Rank: (~2950)

Role(s): DPS/Healer

Top 3 heroes (For the above roles): Widowmaker, Soldier 76, McCree Ana x2, Mercy

Availablity: Typically 5:30pm - Midnight (more or less)

Strength(s): Shotcalling / Strategist

Weakness(es): Over-aggressive

Most important team quality: Restraint. If a team can't keep their heads cool & the comms in check, then they are doomed to fail. Never blame your mates because negativity breeds negativity. Play every game with a smile!

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BattleTag: Snolotus#11418

Rank: 2005


Top 3 heroes (For the above roles):Junkrat, Hanzo, Pharah Symmetra, Mercy, Moira Zarya, Reinhardt, Orisa

Availablity: Whenever I'm not working/at school (a lot especially after 9 CST)

Strength(s):Great at countering with Junk, Good at landing shots, Good at staying positive

Weakness(es):Too aggressive, Sometimes find myself in no mans land

Most important team quality:Communication, If a team can talk and work well/listen to each other you can win most games.

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BattleTag: Sleepcoma#1665

Rank: 2003

Role(s): DPS/Support

Top 3 heroes (For the above roles): Pharah, Tracer, Soldier/Zen,Moria,Lucio

Availablity: Sun-Thurs 10:00-12:30

Strength(s): Sneaky flanking to pull a defense away from chokepoints, focusing down supports, spotting for the team

Weakness(es): Staying in lost team fights trying to be a hero, holding on to DPS ults too long (Justice rains from Ab...arghhh!)

Most important team quality: Moving as a group.  Trickling in to the point only gives the enemy an ult advantage.

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