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My fellow members, valued candidates, and welcome guest,

After discussions between Staff, SFMs, and RFMs the Admin Team has decided to move our official VOIP from Teamspeak 3 to Discord.  This change will begin on October 4th.  Teamspeak will be open for the following week, closing service on October 11th You can find our Discord server HERE

Since our previous community discussion on Discord enough refinement and additional functionality has been put into the service to make it better suited to our needs.  Better audio quality, better chat functionality, increased security, and broader integration with services like Youtube were all compelling factors.

Over the past several months, FMs and Admins both have come to me to express frustrations regarding Teamspeak and efforts to bring people into the community.  It is an unnecessary barrier to success to ignore trends in gaming, and the broad online community is turning toward services like Discord and TwitchChat.  

Any questions about this switch can be fielded here, sent to any SFM+ as a PM or teamspeak message, or be directed to us in Teamspeak.  Please be understanding during our transition, and help inform your fellow community members.  

On behalf of the Admin Team, thank you for your attention.       

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2 hours ago, MadCast: Sotarkadin said:

I hope the chat feature is used as a way for people to communicate outside of their gaming time as it is a great way to communicate.

The chat feature will be used the same way TS3s text chat is, just with a bit more functionality. Any and all other content should be posted on the forums. It's what they're here for and will remain our primary means of communication outside of voice comms

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Liking the updated discord a lot for the most part, but not a fan of non-admins being unable to create channels. While a lot of the time an admin would be around to create a channel for any official events, having more than four league games sans-admin isn't a simple affair anymore, nor is having any personal other game channels for random game groups or hangouts. While typically/currently threeish 'other' channels is probably okay, I can see how the inflexibility of the channel structure could be problematic later.

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