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MadCast: Baal

Funday Monday 2.5

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So, I'll be heading up Funday Monday for the next few months.

In order to keep modes in rotation in one location that's easy for me to edit (yup, posting out of laziness :P,) this will be the new event thread for Funday Monday.

Looking to spice things up a bit and will be adding game modes as we try them out to see if they're viable and fun to play

Any ideas for a new mode are more than welcome, and if they seem feasible, may make it into the rotating queue.

Either post ideas here, or shoot me a message.


As it stands now, the modes that will be rolled on each week are as follows:

   1 Team Nation - All champs on a team share a nationality

   2 Team Mechanic - All champs on a team share a mechanic

   3 Team Role-Tag - All champs on a team share a role as defined by champion select tabs

   4 Team Item - Random Champions - All champs on a team build the same first item (boots, pots, and starting items are allowed before selected items)

   5 Color Madness - Random Champions - Each player selects a unique color before champ select, all items built must predominantly feature that color

   6 Team Smite - All champs take smite, after a gank (successful or not) the jungler takes the place of the lane that was ganked and that lane goes to the jungle

   7 Team Species - All champs on a team share a species (yordles, void monsters, etc.)

   8 Hate Picks - Your enemy picks your champ

   9 Zero DPS - Random Champions - No offensive stats can be built

10 Glass Cannon - Random Champions - No defensive stats can be built

11 Ultimate Bravery - Random Champs and Builds - as determined by

(All except Team Smite can be played on Howling Abyss as well as the Rift)

(Laning phase for matches that rely on it for the mode will be defined as lasting until one team loses any 2 turrets)

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Looking forward to it! Any place where I can find the game mode schedule for this evening?

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