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Wednesday Night Raid (11/15 @7pm)

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I'll be leading another foray into the Leviathan Raid this coming Wednesday. This is open to all on a first come first in basis. You sign up here, I expect you to be ready to go at 7pm eastern.

Requirements are simple. Be ~280 Power. Have a mic. Be patient and willing to listen. If you wish, you can read up on the raid strats, but I'll be explaining them as we go through each fight. As we get more experienced, I'll try to shorten explanations and get straight to business. I have a hard cut off of 10:30pm so that will give us ~3.5hrs to get it done. This is certainly possible, but if we cannot complete it within the allotted time frame, I'll tentatively schedule a clean up run for Friday 11/10 at ~7:30pm.

Sign-up List:
1. ThePrince#11564 - 298 Hunter
2. Stan (STS04#1991) - 295 Fill
3. Sotarkadin#1700 - 283 Lock
4. ThisMayTickl#1395 - 283 Hunter

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I'm running late for our follow-up raid tonight friends. I'll probably be closer to 8pm (maybe a hair after) than the scheduled 7:30pm. Sorry folks.

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