What are you guy's favourite guns and exotic armour pieces?

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I was having a conversation with a friend last night about our favourite guns and it made me curious what everyone else has as their favourite.

This also extends to armour pieces, though I expect most favourite armours will be exotics.


Personally, the Mida Mini Tool is my favourite gun. My  favourite armour is probably Orpheus Rig, but that might be because I really love my Nightstalker.

What about you guys?

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Favorite Kinetics: Nameless Midnight, Mida Multi-Tool, Vigilance Wing, Better Devils, Midnight Coup, Ghost Primus, Sweet Business and Scathelock

Favorite Elemental: Uriel's Gift, Mida Mini-Tool, Conspiritor, Riskrunner, Sunshot, and Coldheart

Favorite Power: Merciless, Unspoken Promise, Eternity's Edge, It Stared Back, Sins of the Past, and Wardcliff Coil

Warlock Exotics: Nezarec's Sin and Lunification Boots

Hunter Exotics: Foetracer and Orpheus Rig

Titan Exotics: An Insurmountable Skullfort and Actium War Rig

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Favorite Kinetics: The Number(AR), Dire Promise(HC)/True Prophecy(HC), Nightshade(PR)/Lincoln Green(PR)Nameless Midnight(ScR), Mida Multi-tool(Exotic ScR)

Favorite Energy: Uriel's Gift (AR)/Prosecutor(AR), Shattered Peace(HC), Agenda 5(PR),  Pleiades Corrector(ScR)/Tone Patrol(ScR), Sunshot/Hard Light/Graviton Lance(Exotic HC/AR/PR)

Favorite Power: The Wizend Rebuke(FR), Tarantula (LFR), Memory Interdict (GL), Hawthorn's(ShG), Curtain Call(RL), Gentleman Vagabond(SR), Quickfang(sword), Borealis(Exotic SR)

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