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LCS Fantasy Draft 2018

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Hello All

 Since the LCS season is rapidly approaching I'm going to be Attempting to run a small Fantasy draft for  the course of the LCS, with the help of @MadCast: Epic. I'll be using Riot's base fantasy LCS draft, and it's just for fun! The Riot based fantasy draft is only 8 teams so if your interested Post below to sign up! this will be a great way for us to enjoy watching the Esport we love, while getting some fun little competition in as well if this gets a good out pour of posts, i will have no problem creating more then one set of Drafts. Since the LCS Starts on January the 20th I am hoping the LCS Fantasy draft will be up in running  by the January the 18th. 

Copy this link:

Once the League is full I will post the time for the draft to start. Those who have signed up must be on so we can draft before the LCS League starts. Post below if you would like to join, it will be on a first come/first served basis. When signups are full, we will discuss the draft date. Thank you! Looking forward to discussing and competing against you.

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