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hello so im trying to expand on games i play  and was looking into this because i see its part of this community is it fun

and what game would it kind of be like if you could compare to another game .? please let me know

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If you haven't already, try League of Legends or Warframe. They're both not pay to win.

For LoL, it's a MOBA that puts you in a 5 man team to pit against another 5 man team. Since there are multiple game modes, I'll just try to explain the main attraction that all the other modes branch off of. In the game, your team is split into lanes. In lane, you try to outskill your opponent(s). As time goes on, the teams start slowly grouping and you will need to combine not only your own skill but also your teammates to try to outmaneuver the enemy. Although each game generally set up the same (same lanes, some maps, etc.) no game is the same because every play behaves differently. In addition, there are also events to spice things up. I would compare it with Heroes of the Storm or Dota 2, though I don't know if they are good comparisons xD. A  lot of members of Madcast play LoL.

For Warframe, it's a 3D hack and slash, kind of like Destiny except you don't have to pay for anything- everything is grindable. In Warframe, you'll feel like an omnipotent being killing off hoards of enemies. Well, at least it did for me. Granted, Warframe is a grind fest and the tutorials aren't very helpful so you'll need to do a lot of discovering and googling yourself. it may be well into 60 hours of the game before you understand everything, but if you can make it through that and are okay with the grind, it's a phenomenal game. I don't think many people in Madcast play it though.


Some other games that I see Madcast members play but I'm not very sure about, are Diablo 3, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Heroes of the Storm.

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Hi @GOSKAHAN. If you are looking to expand the games you play, I suggest you do give Guild Wars 2 a try. For one, you can play to max level for free. For two, it's an awesome game that is easy to get into to.

GW2 has three main areas:

PvP: Player vs Player is your typical skirmishing PvP in 5 man teams. There are a lot of maps with different mechanics, tournaments, ladders, rankings, etc. Some people only sPvP! Everyone in sPvP has max gear and levels and can choose the stats they want. If this is your thing, you can get started immediately without waiting to level.

WvWvW: World vs World vs World is a huge 3 way server war across multiple maps. ArenaNet is currently working to remove servers in favor of guild factions to make this more balanced. WvWvW is very exciting, chaotic, and intense. Though there is a high skill cap, it is easy to get in to simply by joining a zerg and following a commander around, pew pewing. It's really the only PvP I have ever found myself enjoying in a game. There is a lot of strategy of coordinating multiple groups and commanders, scouting, buying seige weapons, etc. Everyone in WvWvW has max gear and levels, so this is something you can also get started in immediately. 

PvE: GW2 open world is something I love dearly. Because of dynamic leveling, you can visit lower level zones and receive loot appropriate for your level. ArenaNet has also invested a lot of effort into making events, daily quests, and world bosses in all level areas, so people are always returning to areas throughout the world, regardless of level. Also, because of dynamic instancing, there is only one version of a map that all players are in (regardless of server) until it fills up (too many people join), at which point another instance of the map is created. Basically, you will always be running into other players - and it feels good because GW2 PvE is cooperative and other players can only help you, they won't steal your loot and xp. GW2 has fractals, which are like scaling difficulty dungeons for 5 man groups, and Raids, which are for 10 man groups. The smaller raid size makes it easier to get a group together, but the mechanics still have a very high skill cap.

If any of these types of game modes sound interesting to you, let me know, and I will give you more info about it! GW2 has a flat progression, so new expansions have not added levels, just more content. This means you won't be far behind like you might in some MMOs if you were just getting started several years after release. If you want someone to play with or some help and pointers, I would be happy to get you started. :) I love this game and still play it pretty regularly when I am not swamped with work.

Last thing I will say: GW2 has one of the nicest communities I have ever, ever encountered in a game. If you ask for help in map chat, you are liable to get a dozen people asking where you are so they can come help you fight a boss, or answering your questions, or even sending you free stuff without being asked lol.


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