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New In Development Skins, Mounts, and more!

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Our next patch is coming to Heroes of the Storm during the week of March 6. With it, we’re implementing gameplay updates for Medivh and Sonya, and bringing the Nexus to order with new Enforcer skins, mounts, sprays, and more! Read on to check out everything that’s headed your way.

Hero Updates: Medivh and Sonya


Medivh and Sonya are going to receive significant gameplay updates and balance adjustments in our next patch! To help celebrate, we’re adding a new rare skin for both Heroes, as well as new, limited-time Remastered Bundles that will be available until March 19, and purchasable using gems. Check out the new skins and bundles below, and be sure to stop by our Medivh and Sonya Updates Blog to preview of their upcoming changes.

Medivh Remastered Bundle


New Skin: Dark Medivh

Medivh Dark Medivh
  Knight Owl Medivh
  Emerald Knight Owl Medivh
  Amethyst Knight Owl Medivh

Sonya Remastered Bundle


New Skin: Angelic Sonya

Sonya Angelic Sonya
  Super Sonya
  Magenta Super Sonya
  Techno Super Sonya

New Skins and Mounts

The Specialized Tactical Operations and Rescue Missions (STORM) unit is gearing up to dispense justice to any criminal scum they find inhabiting the Nexus! Harness the authority of a STORM officer by adding Watchdog Greymane, Enforcer Johanna, Paramedic Morales, and the STORM Strider to your Collection. We’re also adding new variations for Azmodan and Lúcio, as well as a new gold-only mount, and you can preview all of these upcoming items below.

Watchdog Greymane Epic Skins

Enforcer Johanna Epic Skins

Paramedic Morales Epic Skins

STORM Strider Legendary Mount


Legendary Skin

Rare Skin

Lucky Piggy Bank Mount

The Lucky Piggy Bank Mount can be purchased for 7,000 Gold.

New Enforcer Bundles

Every STORM officer undergoes rigorous training to ensure they’re effective in solo operations, but every unit commander worth their salt knows the most successful missions are backed by a solid team. We've added new, limited-time Enforcer bundles to Heroes, so that you can bring the full power of the STORM unit to your collection for a discounted price. Each of the bundles below will be available for purchase using gems starting the week of March 6, until they ship out for their next mission on March 19.

Enforcers Bundle

Greymane Watchdog Greymane STORM Strider
  Arctic Watchdog Greymane Smart STORM Strider
  Desert Watchdog Greymane Supercharged STORM Strider
Johanna Enforcer Johanna  
  Arctic Enforcer Johanna  
  Vigilante Enforcer Johanna  
Lt. Morales Paramedic Morales  
  Covert Paramedic Morales  
  Fiery Paramedic Morales  

Watchdog Greymane Heroic Bundle

Greymane Watchdog Greymane
  Arctic Watchdog Greymane
  Desert Watchdog Greymane

Enforcer Johanna Heroic Bundle

Johanna Enforcer Johanna
  Arctic Enforcer Johanna
  Vigilante Enforcer Johanna

Paramedic Morales Heroic Bundle

Lt. Morales Paramedic Morales
  Covert Paramedic Morales
  Fiery Paramedic Morales

New Sprays

We hope you’ll manage to enforce a little order in the Nexus with some of the new cosmetic items, and have a blast trying out the changes we’ve made to Sonya and Medivh.



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