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MadCast: RedJustice

Anyone else current playing Minecraft?

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Figured I'd post in here, since Minecraft has piqued my interest again lately, and I'm not sure who else is currently playing or interested in playing.

I am mainly interested in building in vanilla survival. This seems to be about the most rare combo of interests that people have for these games. I'm just not interested in playing mods, though I am willing to do some minimal modding for quality of life, especially related to multi-player if that makes the difference for other people. I have periodically contributed to other people's large-scale creative build projects, and that's been fun, but I like the challenge of having to get materials to build with.

I would be interested in doing a Hermitcraft (separate personal areas and community projects) or Kingdoms style server (world backstory and themed community projects) with other MadCasters if anyone else is interested in that style of gameplay. :)

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