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Replay coaching interest

Replay coaching   

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in a replay coaching program?

    • Yes, I would submit replays to be coached on.
    • Yes, I would review replays and provide feedback.

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Currently working on drafting up a replay coaching program to supplement our League of learning program. 

This would be a correspondence program where members would provide us with replays of matches that they would like to be critiqued on.

We would have a group of willing individuals review these games and provide either written or verbal critique.

Guides for submitting and review would be provided.

To ensure fair use of the program submissions may be limited for various reasons

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I think this sounds like a fun idea.  I'd be up for helping out with reviewing from a low Elo perspective unless you plan on having the people doing the reviewing be higher elo in order to better help the people who are submitting the replays.  Either way I'm in on this idea!

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I think this is great. Especially because it will let us hone in on macro plays from our position that we did well or could have done better. I'm game to both upload for review and review!

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