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PUBG PC 1.0 Update #8

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We are always working towards improving the gameplay environment. This includes providing stable network experience for our players. You all know that we have implemented ping based matchmaking system that has shown great results but we didn't want to stop there. 

One of the solutions we are considering is operating servers so that only those players who reside in that region can connect and play. These servers will be made invisible to players residing in other regions. But, at the same time, if a player in an exclusive server region forms a team with a player from another region, they can connect to and play on any of the servers available to either of them. 

Through this new approach we are aiming to provide a better gameplay experience as it will improve network issues and help with linguistic barriers. We are going to run a limited test of this approach as more detailed research and analysis should come before global application.

After the updates made to this test build are proven to be stable, they will be applied to the live servers. We will announce the timeline for the live server update soon.

Please leave your feedback in the relevant section on our Official Forum : LINK

Weapon Skin System

Players can select skins for each weapon
Weapon skin system UI
Each weapon category is arranged in alphabetical order
Weapons can be categorized as follows:
Acquired: arranged in chronological order of acquisition
Equipped: arranged in chronological order of last time equipped
Tier: arranged according to skin tier (descending order)
You can check details about the equipped skin using VIEW MORE button
How to equip weapon skins
You can use WEAPONS section in CUSTOMIZATION menu to equip the skin of your choice
The ways to acquire weapon skins
You can acquire weapon skins either through paid crate (“Triumph Crate”), which is a weekly random crate or “Raider crate”, which is a free non-random crate

New Crates

New free/paid weapon skin crates are added
We will be providing 100,000 BP, 20x Weapon Skin keys, 20x Early Bird keys, 10x Triumph Crates to all test accounts to test the stability of the system
New paid crate “Triumph” is a weekly random crate, and the drop rate is 20%.
Triumph Crate can be unlocked using Weapon Skin Key, which can be purchased through Steam market
There are 2 rare bonus sets that can also be an acquired alongside single skins
The drop rate of each crate is as follows
Survivor: 10%
Wanderer: 10%
Biker: 20%
Desperado: 10%
Militia: 20%
Fever: 10%
Triumph: 20%

Players can get the new free crate (“Raider”) separately with 100% drop rate
"Raider" doesn't need a key to unlock

The drop rate for the new free/paid crate are as follows:
Drop rate of each items for the new paid crate “Triumph”
Desert Digital - R45: 15%
Rugged (Orange) - UMP9: 15%
Rugged (Orange) - SCAR-L: 10%
Rugged (Orange) - M416: 10%
Rugged (Orange) - AKM: 10%
Rugged (Orange) - Kar98k: 10%
Gold Plate - Win94: 5%
Trifecta - P92: 5%
Desert Digital - Mini14: 4.5%
Trifecta - Micro UZI: 4.5%
Gold Plate  - Sawed-Off: 4.5%
Desert Digital - Kar98k: 2.5%
Trifecta - SCAR-L: 1.3%
Desert Digital - M416: 1.3%
Gold Plate - SKS: 0.6%
Glory - UMP9: 0.32%
Gold Plate - S12K: 0.32%
Glory - AKM: 0.16%
Drop rate of each items for the new free crate “Raider”
Rugged (Beige) - Crossbow: 20%
Rugged (Beige) - M16A4: 20%
Rugged (Beige) - S686: 20%
Rugged (Beige) - SKS: 20%
Rugged (Beige) - Kar98k: 6.5%
Rugged (Beige) - S12K: 6.5%
Silver Plate - R1895: 3%
Jungle Digital - P18C: 1.4%
Silver Plate - DP-28: 1.4%
Silver Plate - S1897: 0.4%
Jungle Digital - SKS: 0.28%
Silver Plate - Vector: 0.28%
Turquoise Delight - P1911: 0.08%
Silver Plate - SCAR-L: 0.05%
Jungle Digital - AWM: 0.05%
Turquoise Delight - Tommy Gun: 0.028%
Turquoise Delight - Kar98k: 0.0128%
Turquoise Delight - M16A4: 0.0128%
Gold Plate - S686: 0.0064%

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the refresh button on the friends list would take you to the team tab when players are in a team
Fixed an issue where when players leave the vehicle and the vehicle is positioned right next to the window of a building, players would go into the building through the window when getting out off the vehicle
Fixed an issue where during server instability, when exiting a slow moving vehicle, the players would be treated as if they were hit by their own vehicle

Thank you,

The PUBG Development & Community Team



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