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Straggler looking for a clash team

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Hey all I haven't quite found a team for the Clash event Friday.  I know it's a little late and people may have already got a crew but I'd like to participate and so if there is anyone that has space or need an extra person let me know.

IGN Verdinas

Primary role: Support

Champs: Janna, Leona, Karma, and Nami

Secondary role:  Jungle

Champs: Warwick, Evelynn, Vi, Shyvanna, and Sej


Check out my for any other stats related.


Thanks for checking out this post.



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clash is an absolute blast and I highly recommend it to anyone who can make the times! we went 1-1 sadly we lost to a smurf team that we still should have beat but wrecked in our second game. There are many avenues to find teams on reddit and league boards, heck even your own Madcast community has people I am sure would love to play.

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