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I love trains and if you do too you should tell everyone how much you love trains! 


My favorite train of all time, from an aesthetic point of view, would have to be the Alco PA (pictured below as the red one). However, I would never want to work on the thing because it was a mechanic's worst nightmare!

I also have a soft spot for the EMD SD40-2 (pictured below as the black one). They are everywhere in my area (SE USA) and it was probably the first train I ever saw running. Even though they were built in 1972 (making some over 40 years old!), they are still used in the US and Canada!


Do you have a favorite train? Be sure to post it down below and tell everyone about it!

Alco PA.jpg

EMD SD-2 .jpg

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I used to do model train sets with my dad back in the day but it has been awhile. I look forward to seeing pictures of that!

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