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MadCast: RedJustice

Townhall Notes (7/10/2018)

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RedJustice: Welcome to the MadCast Townhall. If you haven’t attended one before, it’s an opportunity for anyone who participates in this community- from Associate to Staff- to find out what’s happening around various branches, as well as ask questions and meet people. We’ll start with the RFMs, and then move on to SFMs and Staff. After that, we’ll open the floor to anyone who’d like to ask questions or let everyone know about a new game they are playing, etc. 

RedJustice: Townhalls are something we are making more regular now, as some of you may have noticed. In general, you can find detailed notes and a related discussion thread on the forums following this, so I’d encourage you to check out past Townhall threads to catch up on recent topics of interest.

Aeryx: Thank you guys for attending on behalf of RFMs. I am primarily a LoL Admin. Some things we do on the regular are weekly events. The events most near and dear to my heart is League of Learning where we open it open to anybody and everybody of all ELOs to learn something about the game. In the past 6 months we have been doing things focused on a topic. Attendance is up. We split those into ELOs and MMRs for an even match up. It’s a competitive atmosphere but positive so we can learn. Thus far, it’s been good results from the methods we’ve gone through. 

Aeryx: Another thing I want to bring up- on our website we give out awards and ribbons for various topics. If you think someone deserves an award, you can to the website you can read what they are for and post out. Let people who deserve it be known. It’s a great thing we should continue to utilize.

Baal: Him, myself, and Caster have been heading up awards. If you’ve been playing with someone who deserves an award, toss a nomination and post a thread to give them recognition for making your time here better.

Baal: I personally head up Funday Monday event for LoL. It’s a delightful break form the meta which some people really really need right now. We are testing out some new game modes here and there. Along those lines, I linked the main thread in case you have suggestions for game modes and toss them in. If I can make them work in the current custom lobby set up you will see it show up.

Aeryx: Thursday is serious, but Monday it’s really fun. Baal does a great job coming up with off the wall games and it’s a good time to relax and have fun.

Baal: I haven’t been able to spend as much time on as I would like to, so it’s the extent of what I’ve been doing.

Lurama: Good evening. Not a whole lot here on my end. I just came back on board as an RFM, so yay. I will be working with Epic a lot on stuff related to Discord, discord bot, and things related to the website. Please, if you have questions related to the discord bot or things or that nature, there is also a thread on the forum that will be linked here that people should take a look at and post ideas. Without community input it doesn’t benefit except for ideas we have which you’ll be subject to later.

Mike: Hello everyone, I am Mike. On the LoL front, I head up MadCast League, a competitive league for MadCast Members and Candidates to take what they’ve learned in League of Learning and apply it. We just completed season 3, which was awesome. Shoutout to dommer who live streamed, and brought me along in tow as a co-commentator for a good bit of them. I got my first experience doing that. As far as it goes, there is a suggestion thread. I still need a lot of feedback. There is a lot of great things there. I am looking at seeds for next season. We had unbalance and a main suggestion is a captain’s draft, which is the main change I am looking at. I need more feedback so please hop in there.

Shattered: Hey, I do Rocket League and PUBG mostly. For Rocket League, we do bimonthly tournaments, which are pretty competitive, but also a lot of pickup games. As far as tournaments, actual prizes. For PUBG, I have custom game access to make our own server, which we might be doing after Townhall.

Aeryx: If I’m new to Rocket League is there an idea for Teach a N00b?

Shattered: Hop in and talk to me! We’ll be happy to show you the ropes or show you pointers. 

Icarus: They are really good at teaching new people. I can speak from experience.

Shattered: Group up together for ranked or join me with your group for pointers. 

Baal: I know for Funday Monday specifically there are some game modes people don’t like. Keep in mind positive or negative feedback for any of the threads will be taken into account. Make sure they are in a constructive manner. We run events for everyone here, we need good solid feedback from everyone who plays. If you don’t like it tell us why.

Epic (via Aeryx): On behalf of everyone, thank you for attending. He is in transit and unable to communicate. Thank you for showing up. He is generally in charge of League stuff, and is currently working to improve Discord. A big thing to focus on is recruiting for MadCast. We’re doing this in a number of ways- master thread on the LoL forums that we bump, and need to make sure we are keeping it to the top. We lost ours when they rebooted the threads. We are one of the largest, if not the largest threads now. We need to stay hitting that. For members or Candidates, if you have someone who might be a good fit for the community, bring them over. 

Epic (via Aeryx): Another thing we are being more serious about is the LoLConnect subreddit. If you are queuing up leave a 5th spot open and throw up a thread. Our forums, we are constantly looking for constructive feedback. We try to create a mature, fun, competitive, and sometimes silly atmosphere. If you have feedback and want your voice heard, please take it to the forums. Make your voice heard on how we can make it better.

Epic (via Aeryx): Last thing to bring up is the awards. Three RFMs have made strides to get caught back up. We’re continuing to keep those going and create new ones. If there is an award you think might be a good idea bring it up. 

Epic (via Mike): I help him with the Mentor program. There’s been a lot of discussion around being a mentor. We’ll be looking to meet with current mentors to make sure people are equipped with the info they need to guide candidates and guide comment threads. We’re looking for more members who are grateful members looking to get more involved in the candidacy process. 

Epic (via Red): Epic also asked me to bring up a reminder about the Discord bot efforts that Lurama mentioned earlier. He is investigating statistics, comprehensive audit logs, and possibly an auto moderator. 

RedJustice: If you missed the plethora of posts on our forums regarding Candidate Comments- those are important and you should at least read the OP. I have been taking an interest in LoL recruitment lately. If you are curious about helping with recruitment, please come talk to me. I owe the community some writing, which I plan to churn out this month, seeing as I took a chunk of time off work throughout the month. I have also been having the Minecraft itch.

RedJustice: If you’re interested in apply for RFM, please talk with a current admin! It’s a great way to learn more about the history and inner workings of the community, and have a bigger influence on things around here.

Rife170: Alright, so, general Blizzard shenanigans and updates. D3 just came out with a new season, so if you are interested in playing that, there are people freshly into it and playing. If you get 2 people in a Diablo channel, 2 more will soon be in there to join.

Rife170: HotS is the ultimate bastard child of everything Blizzard. It’s constantly in a weird spot for ranked balance and whatnot, however, for those of you who haven’t checked out HotS in a while, they are updating it constantly with content and fixes for bugs and balance. As far as the mechanics of the game go, it’s in a really good spot. Play is responsive, champions are largely balanced, maps in rotation now are solid, except for Garden of Terror, and I encourage you to retry the game if you haven’t tried it out in a while.

Rife170: Next up, Overwatch. Overwatch is in a pretty good spot mechanically. It’s not great as most useful champions are bugged to high hell, and the new hero is a wrecking ball and people are mostly playing him in custom game modes, which is a lot of fun actually.

Rife170: WoW- so- we currently as MadCast do not have plans to play BfA in an organized fashion. However, if any of you are interested in playing it with other MadCasters, there is a guild on Dark Iron on the Horde side. Many who do play WoW are still in that guild and are free to pick that up again and run stuff and play together. Set your expectation cap at Heroic rating. It’s difficult to achieve higher than that while taking on everyone who wants to raid without being exclusionary. I believe Maday is now the GM. I’ll keep my warrior on Dark Iron. It’s a good way to get your feet wet to see if you like coordinating things with admins or if you want to be one. 

Prince: Did you talk about the new queue system in Overwatch?

Rife170: You can queue up to choose your role, self explanatory for anyone who’s played LoL.

Prince: New report system is really good at filtering out trolls. A lot less toxicity. 

Rife170: The endorsement system. You know how honor works in LoL. They implemented that in Overwatch and as far as my experience goes, the salt has gone DOWN or is being respectibly hidden. If you like the game but don’t play it, it’s a good time to come back.

Prince: I spend most of my time playing Destiny 2. You’ll find me and Stan lurking there most nights. Lots of stuff going on in Destiny. Expansion coming out next month, lots of excitement right now. Salt has gone down tremendously, even reddit boys are now looking for stuff to complain about. If you’re interested in the game, it’s a good time to jump in. Sales galore. Please holla at me. If I’m not around, Stan is around. One of us will be available to run stuff and get up our clan rep in the game for doing stuff with other people and bring them into MadCast. It’s just slow going. I am volunteering you Stan.

Prince: Rife has been talking about BfA, but I’m particularly excited for Monster Hunter World. It’s not due until the 8th of August. Excitement tapered off for PS4, but if you are interested in Monster Hunter it’s similar to Dauntless but has much more complex systems which are also more rewarding imo. I’m pretty experienced with Monster Hunter games. There is a pretty fun and excitement feedback loop for the grind in that game. They are constantly putting out new content- every month an event or some new costume. My character is dressed up as megaman on the PS4. They’ve been doing a lot to keep more stuff coming to the game and more things to grind for. I’m really pumped to play that on the PC with everyone. It just so happens to coincide with a bunch of other releases. Greeman Gaming has it on sale for 22% off right now. I will be playing day 1. It’s pretty. It looks pretty good for PS4. They are going to make it 60fps and 4k. There may be a day 1 patch to upgrade graphics for PC gamers. I imagine it’ll be really sooner after to prettify it for PC. It has low system requirements for people.

LTTelamon: I have nothing to add.

Maday: I’ll say quite possibly BF5. I have my eye on it.

LTTelamon: Really Maday? Really? I feel like Maday has an abusive relationship with Dice at this point. They keep beating on him and he keeps coming back. 

Munsa: Good evening. I have but a simple request. I have observed in recent history through community discussions that sometimes people are observing negative, toxic, or questionable behavior, and not taking it to an admin. We’re not on the look to find reasons to kick people out of the community, we just want it to be a harmonious place. It takes everyone to accomplish that. Please don’t be silent if you feel uncomfortable about something or observe something questionable. If not comfortable with an RFM, take it to an SFM or myself. If you would like some historical reading on the subject, any member can search in the Penthouse for FF14. That is the consequence of problems festering and not coming up to administration. We lost a game branch and many people. I want everyone to know it’s an option that everyone who participates on our services has. 

[C] Kitty Stark: Ok, well firstly my candidacy ends in 1 or 2 days, so please check out my thread if you haven't and want to. I know I haven't gotten to interact with a lot of you guys from only doing League events but everyone I have met I have enjoyed spending time with  ^-^ I am just grateful to be a part of this community so far and even if I don't make it in this time I will not stop trying to prove my worth to you all.

[C] Kitty Stark: Secondly, I've been thinking of starting a Madcast Dont Starve Together server if anyone else here plays it. I've been meaning to make a forum post but just putting it out there if anyone wants to show general interest.

[C] Kitty Stark: Thirdly, I also have been wanting to do an art-for-charity giveaway. I'm a multimedia artist for those of you that don't know and I know there are a few other artists lurking in the community. If anyone would want to help me with setting that up or offering their own talents please message me here :D

[C] Kitty Stark: Finally, I am currently driving for another 11 hours or so to meet Support Welfare in person and will be posting a recorded video of me punching him at ~8am hopefully while he is still half asleep. Look forward to that being in the forums. I'll probably also post pictures of us during vacation.

RedJustice: As a reminder, we have four candidates in the room, so if any of you have had meaningful interactions with these folks and have not yet commented, please be sure to comment in their thread.

Stan: A while back while I was still SFM, I mentioned I would be interested in running a DM workshop. I’m looking for other DM, specifically maybe rife and Munsa, and anybody else who’s been a DM. I’ll reach out on the forums for a workshop in two weeks from now on Saturday. Look for a message from me and let Shadow know I’m looking for him. After I figure out who can help with the workshop, I’ll put up a thread about it and look at teaching people the ways of DMing. 

Icarus: Is this digital or in person?

Stan: A lot of it is theory crafting so universal.

Epic: Is there an age restriction for people you’ll looking to help out with?

Stan: No. I was DM when I was 13. For those that don’t know me. I do however cuss a lot, so just keep that in mind. I will try to tailor my way of speaking.

[C] Abex94: Are you focusing on DMing or any platform?

Stan: I’ll put up a thread. If people have specific questions they can put them up there. I was thinking of things more like using downtime in games for storytelling and universal stuff. But I can probably figure it out if you throw it at me.

Bigdommer: I wanted to jump in and say- streaming stuff content has slowed down, but streaming is still in full effect, but I don’t plan to be a full time streamer. Anything people want streamed, I’m happy to do. Events or stuff in general, I would be willing to do it. A few people have been jumping on board with the streaming thing. If you want to start I have the basis for getting set up and everything. It’s not too hard if you want to jump in. You can message me. If you’re looking at recruiting, streaming got a lot of new faces into our group there. If you want more people recruited it’s a way to get more in.

RedJustice: With that, our July Townhall is adjourned! 

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