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Hi all. I'm dae... I've been hanging around for a few months, but I haven't interacted with many people... so I figured it was time for an intro and whatnot. I've been friends with rife for about 12ish years, so he showed me MadCast recently, and I love it. I have never before come across a gaming community that is actually active and comfortable. I'm thinking about doing the candidacy someday. I currently work full time, and I'm in school working on my engineering degree, so I am not sure if I interact or play games enough to do so just yet. I work in electromechanical manufacturing which is pretty cool, and I have some background in IT/breakfix. 

I'm definitely a PC gamer and have been for a decade or so now. I build my own computers and help a lot of friends with theirs, too. I have a PS3 for a few exclusives I cared about, but I don't even use it these days. I play mostly single player games on Steam... a lot of puzzle games, platformers, some FPS.... games like The Swapper, Limbo, Portal 1 and 2, Half Life duh, Closure, the Trine series, Anodyne, Never Alone, Unmechanical, to name a few (mostly obscure) favorites. I also got SUPER into Don't Starve a few years back, and I have a masochistic love for that game, even though I had never really played a crafting or survival game before. It's the game I play most often, probably. I get a lot of anxiety interacting with people I don't know, so I have rarely ventured into multiplayer games or voice channels on discord, but I've recently gotten into HotS, which is where I've met a few of you. I've always liked MOBAs and have some experience with DotA, but having a lot of friends on HotS has been great... and I think the game is a blast. Even crazier is that I've started playing WoW, but I like that I can just run around doing whatever I want, really...WHICH IS LATELY JUST LEVELING MY PETS, because apparently I am playing World of Petcraft. I also love doing instances with friends, though, and I might raid in the future. Since I'm branching into multiplayer a little bit, I'm interested in maybe playing Don't Starve Together... I've played briefly, but not with random people, because I'm me, so. If anyone is into that... let me know! Also some of my favorite puzzle games have multiplayer modes (Trine, Portal 2), and I'm always up for silly puzzle fun. 

Other than PCs and games, I'm into: mechanical keyboards (I have 3 main boards - ducky, varmilo, wasd); motorcycles (I currently have a 2012 250r); cacti/succulents and air plants (I HAVE HUNDREDS OF THEM, SEND HELP, THEY ARE TAKING OVER); and sci-fi (mostly Star Trek and Firefly, but there is so so so much good scifi out there, and I love it all). I like reading a wide variety of books, too. 

Anywho, hi, bye, cool place you have here, I dig it, etc.

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Welcome welcome! Glad to see that you're enjoying your time here! 

1 hour ago, dae said:

I'm thinking about doing the candidacy someday.

That's great to hear! Whenever you are ready, feel free to tag myself or @MadCast: Epic to get your candidacy started.

Welcome again and I'm looking forward to getting in games with you!

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Hey  glad to have you in the community, if you are ever feeling some portal 2 and see I'm on hit me up, I've been wanting to do some puzzle games lately, or just drop by in the discord if you ever want to talk about bikes or cars (I know more about cars than I do motorcycles, but always happy to be educated) , look forward to seeing you around!

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