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Hello! It has been brought to my attention that I've caused a little issues with a fee people because of me getting mad in games, yelling, etc. And even though it's not really directed at anyone, it's still upsetting. Firstly, I would just like to apologize to all I may have offended or upset or frustrated. I am truly sorry. And I realize that that is not a good way to act. I truly am sorry. Secondly, I would love to announce that I am definitely trying to work on it. I really do want to be a member here. I realize that I'll have to do a second candidacy cuz I failed my first one. And this isn't a reapplication post either xD This is just a post to apologize. Ill be reapplying, just not right at this moment. I probably will in a day or so, not sure yet. Anyway. If you guys play with me in the future, and I start getting too angry or tilted or something and it's starting to affect you. I implore you, LET ME KNOW. I never realize it on my own sadly. I'm self conscious and severely doubtful about people liking me and wanting to play with me. I have this thing where I believe no one likes to play with me. That's why i haven't reached out to a whole lot of you. I feel like I'd be bothering you. I'd also like to apologize for that as well. I'm gonna try to do better. I hope and ask for your guidance, guys. Please and thank you! Its been so great getting to know and play with you all! I hope you'll work with me and help me become better!




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In the interest of helping you out, I will be completely blunt about my thoughts about you/advice to you, apologies if I hurt your feelings. Hopefully I'm not out of place, since advice on why you failed your candidacy is usually reserved for the RFMs/SFMs. I also don't mean to come across as condescending in any way, I myself need to improve in many of these areas.

  • You like to throw shade (especially at MajorHoward). This is fine. Giving each other crap is a time-honored MadCast tradition. We give each other crap about our misplays, mistakes, etc. It's all in good fun. Just know that when you start giving someone crap about something, you are marking yourself as a legitimate target for crap being thrown back at you. It's all in good fun. However, it seems you get defensive when people throw shade back at you. When you get defensive, it's a lot less fun for everyone (people worry that they've offended you), and in some ways you are implying 'I'm allowed to give you crap, but you aren't allowed to give me crap.' If you are being sarcastic about being defensive, you need to make it more obvious, because I for one can't tell.


  • Learn to recognize when you are tilted, and don't play if you are tilted. After the game ends, take a short break to do something else, get a snack, play a single player game, whatever you need to do to calm down. Everyone who gets tilted plays badly, and tends to spread their negative attitude to other people. When you are super frustrated with the game, you play badly, blame others for your own mistakes, and don't learn anything. Come back with a fresh perspective. Some people either don't tilt, or are able to quickly get out of a bad mental state after the game, but I don't believe you are one of them. You say that you can't recognize when you are tilted, but it's a vital skill to learn both in game and in real life.  Some obvious tells are when you know something is a bad idea, but you are doing it anyways, blaming your team or someone/something else outside your control for just about anything, greeding super hard for kills, and more.


  • You get negative very easily, and stay very vocal when you are in a negative state of mind. If you can't stay positive, stay quiet. If you can't stay quiet, mute yourself. This is something that I know a few people will do when they get tilted, even within MadCast. As the saying goes, 'if you have nothing positive to say, say nothing.' Instead of griping about how far behind you are, talk about what you need to do to get back in the game, whether it be a successful gank or roam from another lane, just some time to free farm, etc. Add positives to your negatives, so instead of 'dammit I died to a gank', go with 'dammit i died to a gank, bot has no flash. Can we get a gank when we are back in lane?' This is something I know I need to work on, especially when I am tired.


  • Avoid cracking jokes on touchy subjects. Using words like 'rape' can make people uncomfortable. Some people are okay with it, but within MadCast, most of us are not, and jokes about touchy subjects are seen as tasteless and immature. An innuendo on occasion is par for the course, but sometimes enough is enough, and it's on you to learn what the limits are within MadCast, and read the social cues that people are becoming uncomfortable. Think before cracking a joke. If you would not make the joke in front of your boss/professor, it's probably not a good idea to make the joke in MadCast.


  • Don't offer advice on people's play often unless asked for it. This was something I had to learn back in my candidacy. It's frustrating to people when they are performing poorly, and someone is trying to micromanage their play. If you really have the need to offer advice to people, start with something like "I think/feel like you should have done X" or "Next time you should do X", or "Maybe it would have gone better if you did X" it comes across a lot better than saying "You should have done X." Saying "You should have done X" can come across as admonishing someone, rather than offering helpful advice. If someone gets defensive about your advice, don't argue, stop giving it to them entirely. I am breaking this rule with this post.


  • Own your mistakes, both ingame and out, especially if you are also giving advice to people. If you don't own your mistakes, you come across as potentially one of those people who can do no wrong, but blames their team for everything. You clearly aren't like that, but you don't want to give people that impression. Owning your mistakes also gives others the chance to offer you advice in turn, which can help you improve your skills.


  • You get excited easily. There's nothing wrong with this. You are also very vocal about your excitement. Nothing wrong with this either. The problem is that you will often dominate the voice chat. I know a lot of people complained that it can be hard to get a word in when playing with you, especially if there is someone else who is very vocal in the channel as well. When 2 people talk at once, the only people who understand anything are the 2 people who are talking. For this reason, most MadCast members will quiet down if someone else starts talking, generally assuming that whatever the other person is saying is more important than what they are saying. Talk about actions ingame takes priority over talking about stuff outside the game. If you want to just chat/complain about champions, chat between games or go to a different channel. 


  • It's clear you want to be a member of MadCast. This is a good thing, but myself and many others view you as currently too socially immature to be a person who represents MadCast. You are learning and improving, but the SFMs vote on your candidacy shows that they did not believe you were fit to wear the MadCast tag yet.

I have nothing against you, and I don't think anyone in MadCast harbors ill will towards you. It's just for many people, it can be frustrating or tiring dealing with you as you are learning social skills. I for one think that if you stick around, improve your social skills, then reapply, you can successfully join MadCast.

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Pushover, this reply was excellent. Really helpful advice not just for temptedangel, but players in general. Nice to see you're really thinking these things through. I know I can certainly take advice from a few of these points myself. 

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