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The holiday season is in full swing and that means it is time for this year's MadCast Angel drive.  While many of us are afforded the privilege of thinking about what we want or what we want to get for our loved ones, there are many out there thinking about HOW they are going to make it through this holiday season.  MadCast has a proud tradition of providing for those who cannot provide for themselves.  Started by one of our founders, our very own @MadCast Tort one day simply asked our small band of brothers and sisters if we wanted to go in on a gift for a child he had picked off of a Salvation Army Angel Tree.  The reception was quite positive and every year we've continued the tradition.  Check out some of the awesome work from years past here:







Over the last few years the personalization that once existed started to fade away.  Once we were buying an itemized list of gifts for a 6 year old boy named Chase.  Later it became "Boy - Age 6".  I have done some looking around trying to find something that was a bit more personal with the intent of having a more direct impact rather than our contributions being sorted and distributed.

This year we are going to support a women's shelter that is hosting a Santa's Workshop.  Mutual Ground supports women and children who are victims or witnesses to both physical and sexual abuse.  Often times leaving a situation like that also means leaving behind your possessions.  This year they will separate the children and parents into different rooms and allow them to pick from donated gifts to offer to their child/parent.  They will then wrap them and open up their presents on Christmas.  

The window for this years donations is smaller.  I need to have everything in their hands by the first Friday in December.  That means we will run the donation drive through December 4th.

To contribute simply donate to MadCast and in the note field type "MadCast Angel".  All contributions are welcome and no contribution is too small.  We understand that not everyone cannot afford to contribute a monetary value.  You can still support the cause by spreading the word so as many people know about this as possible.  Please do not post stating you are unable to contribute.  Keep all posts on-topic and positive.

If this is your first year participating in the drive you will receive a MadCast Angel badge upon completion.

This thread will be updated regularly to reflect the contributions received.  

Donation Total:  $522



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Shopping is complete.  We were asked specifically to contribute to the adult category and that gift cards go a long way.  I still had to make sure we got the little ones some sweet gifts as well.  When all is said and done this years MadCast Angel yielded:

$120 raised (via Facebook fund raiser)

$25 x2 Wallmart Gift Card donations

$619.72 spent on gifts

Total:  $789.92 worth of contributions. 

Take a bow everyone.  


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I will, in lieu of a financial donation, offer up 2 free 5"x7" chibi character drawings as giveaway prizes available to any two people who donate $5 or more! I am also willing to mail the physical drawing to the winners, and I will do it for free if they live in the US.

If you're curious, here is the last prize I drew for someone! 

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This cause is super close to my heart, having worked in child welfare for many years. Kids in this area have suffered greatly. If you can spare something to put a smile on their face this holiday, please consider doing so.

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Passing along a thank you note from the shelter we sponsored this year:



Hi Stephen!

I would like to thank you again for your donation to Santa's Workshop.  I was hoping you could share this story with every one of your friends that donated so they can see what a tremendous difference they made.  And this is just one family's story.  This year we had 91 Mutual Ground client FAMILIES come through Santa's Workshop!  The needs, and the outpouring of support for our families, was amazing.  You truly brightened up many, many children's lives through your thoughtful donation.

And, to follow-up on the story that I am sending you - the next day the 8 year-old came in for her counseling session and told her counselor this:
"Even if all they do is drink hot chocolate and watch movies on Christmas, it would be ok because she had already experienced the best part of Christmas already- coming here yesterday."

How much it meant to that child to be able to give her mom a gift is incredible.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING TO SUPPORT THE MISSION OF MUTUAL GROUND!

Have a wonderful holiday!



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