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MadCast: Aeryx

League of Learning 12-7-2018

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Hey all,

Thursday we will be having our weekly League of Learning session at 9 P.M. EST.   This is our final week of four on our newest topic - communication and positive attitude.  This topic comes up frequently in our feedback thread.  While we've done shot calling in previous topics this session I really want the games to be focused on communication and having a positive attitude throughout the game.  Communication should begin as soon as your assigned a team and are sorting out roles/lane assignments/champion selection and should continue throughout the end of the game.  Communication shouldn't be coming just from the shot caller but from everyone.  I also want EVERYONE to remember that MadCast is a community of excellence and we should always have a positive attitude towards one another.  Previous sessions have been focused on: (1) shot calling, (2), wave management (beginning of the game) moving into team objectives and macro play as the game progresses, (3) team-fights, (4) roaming, (5) proper itemization, (6) warding, (7) Orb-walking.  I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening.

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