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A holiday message from me, for you

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Firstly I apologize to any of you who celebrate Chanukkah, because I meant to make this post weeks ago and it completely slipped my mind. I still send you the biggest well-wishes for the rest of this year and hope you enjoyed quality time with the ones you love. Also, yesterday was the Winter Solstice, so if you celebrate anything themed around that I hope it was enjoyable and perhaps even actually wintery (I live in Southern NY and it was 50 degrees).

For the rest of 2018, I officially send my well-wishes to all of you and hope you have a wonderful holiday, be it Christmas, Kwanzaa, or another holiday I'm not aware of. I'm excited for the coming relaxed atmosphere while everyone enjoys some time away from work or school to spend time with loved ones. I appreciate and care about all of you and if you feel lonely during the holiday season feel free to chat with me about how you're feeling, or anything at all really. I personally do not have the greatest emotional relationship with Christmas, but because I have you as my virtual family this year I have actually looked forward to parts of it. Feel free to comment how you're planning to spend the holidays, or just spread the "Happy Holidays" message.


I will be celebrating with my husband, mother, and grandfather, which is a vast improvement to the normally crowded house and makes me have less anxiety. Due to recent medical issues I have not had a spare penny to put towards any gifts, nor the physical ability to make quality artistic gifts for those closest to me. I've had to do some important self-talk and wanted to spread the strength and positivity I found, because I know I am not the only one who struggles against the materialistic nature of modern commercialized holidays. I'm going to be surrounded by people I love, who I know love me unconditionally, who have been with me all through the medical struggles and understand what situation I'm in financially. I will focus on making the day enjoyable by telling them how much I appreciate them, and giving the most important gift anyone can receive by expressing how much I love them.

If you are also feeling pressure to stretch beyond reasonable means, or to get a gift for everyone from your dog to your neighbor to your favorite Starbucks barista, stop and just breathe. A smile or hug and a sincere "Happy holidays" or "Merry Christmas" will go a lot farther than some trinket. It's not about the gifts, and it doesn't even have to be about a specific religion, because the most important thing is being happy and surrounded by loved ones. No one will love you less for not spending hard-earned money on them, especially if it makes your life harder afterwards. If this holiday finds you in less-than-happy spirits, I'm sending you as much strength as I can to help you through your struggles. I know you will get through it and I can't wait to wish you a Happy New Year and a fresh start!

Happy holidays, and give yourself a hug for me!

~ Kitty 😺

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