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MadCast: Support Welfare

League of Learning (1-10-19)

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As the holidays got in the way of the past couple of weeks and are now coming to a close we can start up our events again!  I'm going to shoot for the topics I didn't get to review last time.

Topics:  Champ select / team comp, warding, objective control

Tonight we are going to focus on warding for objectives and as an extension to that overall objective control. I'd like to focus more on dragon control this week as the spawn timers got changed and I feel they are becoming a much stronger objective with the buffs to the first dragon of each type. This will all start in champ select. We want to put champions together that will allow for easier objective control but still fit well together. This can mean great team fighters, zone control for the corridors of the jungle, split pushers to create pressure in other lanes away from the objective being fought over or assassins that can create pics before or around the objective allowing for easier takes.

While our focus is on these 3 things remember to keep the other topics we have covered in the back of your mind and always communicate with your team about what is going on.


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Just now, MadCast: Pushover said:

Does this mean there is no League of Learning this week, and the next one is on the 10th?

That is correct. 

We'll do some for fun stuff tomorrow night for those who are around, but we'll get back into the swing of things on the 10th.

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