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MadCast: Silencer

RFM Application: Silencer

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Hello Everyone,


I have decided to stand up for the opportunity to become a RFM. I have been a Full Member for some years now. I always felt that I never had the free time to dedicate to this roll until now.

Has an RFM I would like to dedicate more time in help leading games and help the community grow. I also would like to help by using my graphic design services ( I am a full time graphic designer, usually in advertising) to help make eye popping content for any needs that arise. I would also like to host some kind of event, which I haven't decided on yet. So, ideas are welcome.

I like to believe I'm one of the most patient members of MadCast. Maybe not with my own faults in games (lul), but with others i feel  that i would be a good candidate to mentor others, help solve issues, and make non-bias decisions. I can't name anyone that I haven't gotten long with in this great community.

Thank you so much for taking your time for reading and placing your votes. I appreciate everyone here and wish everyone the best. If there are any questions that anyone should have, please ask. I'm a very open person and would love to answer any questions.


- Silencer

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