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I'm sure this is a question you were asked over and over again in grade-school, and once you were old enough to apply to colleges, and maybe even by your parents and bosses at some point. This topic came to mind when I happened to listen to this song and then wanted to go watch the whole animation again. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching the movie UP, I would like to request that you watch the video below all the way through. If you have seen it before, I would still recommend that you watch it again so that I do not feel alone in my existential sadness. This is one of the finest moments of animation I've ever seen, and the gorgeous music guides the scenes naturally and it's just touching. I feel like this narrative is a perfect example of one way to live a truly fulfilling life full of love and happiness.


My personal goals in life include the following:

  • To find a home in a great location for my husband and I to live the rest of our days in
  • To adopt rescued animals and give them a loving home
  • To create moving artwork that conveys my emotions to others
  • To help operate a bakery as a cake decorator
  • To finally go to college someday for something that I really enjoy
  • To be able to finally feel free of my depression and just be happy with who I am

I'd like to ask all of you to slow down and think on what you really want to in your life, and what your truest hopes, goals, and dreams are. Goals can be a great source of motivation for anyone and it's important that you don't lose sight of what you really want during the day-to-day grind of existing. Lets all motivate each other to center ourselves mentally and maybe work a little harder towards anything and everything that will make us reach our goals.

"No man-made material will ever be as strong as the human spirit."

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Not to appear disingenuous or callous, I would not consider myself either of these things, Depression, Shell Shock, and other assorted mental health issues aside, there are those of us with very simple goals. 
Mine are as follows, 
To continue to live amidst the beauty of the Cairngorms until I die,
More whiskey, wine and beer
More guns 
and finally, More books.
My dog and I live a relatively simple life, and I like it that way, I find it tends to help quiet things down. 

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I've got a few personal goals set:

  • To travel to different countries, and immerse myself in cultures that I've only had opportunities to read about.
  • To find a fulfilling relationship that lasts, (not necessarily a lifetime, and I don't really aspire to marriage, but that isn't out of the books either.)
  • To make an impact in this world. I want to leave my stamp on this Earth before I become one with it. It doesn't have to be this huge ordeal, but I'd like to do my best to help improve the world for generations to come. Whether that's through human rights activism, or simply doing my best to become as close to zero-waste as possible.
  • To get healthy. I'm very transparent about my mental health, and it's something I fight constantly, but what I keep more private are the issues I deal with regarding my heart on a day to day basis. I would love to just wake up one day and not be as concerned as I have been in the past few months about it.
  • To be financially sound, not raking in lots of money like a greedy CEO, but to have my bills paid, and at the end of the month say "I can set this aside for XX plan" and actually have a humble little nest egg to fall back on.

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