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Greetings everyone!  Its time again for our League of Learning.  In keeping with the theme of review for this series we will be focusing on Wave Management, Roaming, and with that comes Warding as always.  I'm also going to be trying something new this week by creating a temporary League of Learning text channel in Discord.  This will be setup the day of the event and be used for people to confirm they will be at the event.  I'm also asking you to use it to indicate your Rank and Main Role/Off Role.

I want to use this channel in an attempt to try and speed up getting into games, especially the second game.


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Those attending:

If you could look at your pings on Discord, there is a channel for you to record your rank if you are attending tonight. Please take the time to do so, as it is a means to speed up the start time of the event. 


Thank you, and we will see you all tonight before 9 EST!

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