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MadCast: Mike

Clash of Clans Interest Thread

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Hey all,

As I discussed at Town Hall tonight, I wanted to drop a few feelers for the mobile game Clash of Clans. It has several team-based perks, including troop donations and clan wars, where our team could go head to head against other teams. Once a month, there is also Clan War Leagues, where 7 clans face off in a round robin style pool to see who reigns supreme!

To provide some organization, if you are interested in Clash, please post here.

If you already have an account, please provide the Town Hall level, and your heroes level (if applicable). If you don't have an account and might be brand new to the game, please post that as well.

If we get enough of an interest, I would love to start a MadCast clan! The goal would be to eventually join the official Reddit Clan System, where we'd have access to a lot of cool team events, such as Reddit League and special event wars!


I'll kick off the thread:

IGN: Mike 

Player Tag: #YRR9Y9LO

Town Hall: 9

Barb King: 21

Archer Queen: 23


Thanks :D 

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