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Share your furry friends if you have them.

This is Snow, she's about 9 years old, she's very loveable.



edit: I need to change the video format

edit 2: fixed it I think 

Edit 3: lol nope, this is it


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I haven't a video camera capable of interfacing with my computer, but this is my dog, the one that youse lot are all so used to hearing on coms, name of Saoirse, just over a year old now.


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This is Bubby, who I rescued as a kitten and carried home in the tiny basket of my bicycle, who is going to be 15 in April. He is my precious fat baby.


I don't have any pictures of just her, but the dark grey cat is Isabella, another rescue who is about 10 years old now. They like sleeping in peculiar places.


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Oh hey, I have an adorable cat, too! Her name is Suki.

I recently was forced to make an instagram, because my friends and family from Chile want to see what I'm up to, but I mostly take pictures of Suki, so here's some of them!! (In the spoiler, they're kinda big and I can't be bothered to make them smaller, sorry)




 I think she's 8 or 9 years old now, I adopted her when she was just a couple of months old, and as you can probably tell we're pretty inseparable. She likes to sit on my books or notebooks when I'm studying, and on my arm or mouse when playing league. She also sometimes channels her inner parrot, and sits on my shoulders or back.

Since she didn't grow up in  California, she's convinces she's still an apex predator, like she was in Chile, where she'd just hunt whatever she wanted (Lizards, birds, horrible rats), but now there's owls and rattlesnakes and coyotes, so her prowling around the back yard is always under strict supervision, sadly. (I know bells aren't good for them, but she really blends in with the scenery and I've already had a couple of freakouts about not finding her.)



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These are pic's of 3 dogs I used to have a few years ago who are no longer with us, but still hold a special place in my heart.  2 of them are American Eskimo's and the 3rd is obviously a poodle.












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Bosco, the Lemon Beagle, 3 years old


Honey, Cairn Terrier Mix, 12-13 years old


Sweetie, blind German Shepherd mix, 9 years old


Monsieur LeRoy, Mini Lop Rabbit, 2 years old



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