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MadCast: CoachRivers

Rocket League Mafia

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Wednesdays | 7PM

(Possible at all times, official event is just on Wednesdays)


Rocket League Mafia is a "Party" game for Rocket League, where 2 teams of 3 or 4 are made at random, and one person is randomly given the role of the "Mafia" member. The goal of the Mafia Member is to make his team lose the game of Rocket League while not being detected by the other players. Any and all mind games are encouraged.


The ways to get points are as follows:

1. Win the game. If your team wins (Assuming the Mafia is on the other team) you each get 1 point. IF, the Mafia was on the winning team, the voting phase is skipped, and the two teammates that are not mafia members are awarded 2 points.

2. Guess the Mafia. If you vote for the correct Mafia Member, you are awarded 1 point. 

3. Go undetected, if the Mafia member receives less than a majority vote, he is awarded 3 points for being sneaky.


Bot Information

1. Commands:

!Newgame -  creates a new game

!stopgame - deletes the game (only the game creator can delete a game)

!joingame <gameID> - allows the joining of games

!leavegame - non-creators can leave their current game

!leaderboard - Displays the all time top scorers (Can Be cleared by CoachRivers currently)

!nextphase - after the Rocket League game is concluded, this is how we report and start voting

!gameinfo - displays info of the game you are signed up for (See screenshot below)

!addpoints <@Player #ofpointstoadd> - manually add points (Admin only)

!removepoints <@player #ofpointstodelete> - Manually removes points (AdminOnly)


2. Screenshots:

!gameinfo Post



Example of the voting process, notice the 60 second timer on voting to speed games up.


3. More to come


Please, post any and all suggestions below.



Manu#0001 (discord friend who helped code bot)

Silencer for the AWESOME Mafia Logo seen at the top. 


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On 7/2/2019 at 9:58 AM, uT Nitrogen said:

Unfortunately i will not be able to attend this week coach, going home for the 4th.

I am also out of town actually. Hoping a game gets going tonight without me 

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