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Welcome back to League of Learning.  This weeks topic we will be building on the last 2 weeks and covering how to trading in lane.  This is going to be something that the lower ELO players will benefit from much more than the higher ELO players will but its still something everyone should practice as it has a huge impact on the game.  Successful trading in lane gives you pressure and allows you to roam to other lanes or even take objectives safer.  Pushing your lane opponent out of lane by trading with them successfully is going to give you a level advantage as well as a gold lead.  The less time they can stay in lane means less xp/gold for them and more for you.

Some helpful videos for the subject at hand

Now the one above still has a lot of great info but there is one thing that has been changed sense this video came out.  Abilities now agro minions when they hit an enemy champion in range.  Keep this in mind when you go for aggressive trades in minion waves.



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